Those Littlest Lives

In this the age of our moral confusion,
I may be a heretic for saying so…
But I must declare, by God’s thin air,
Our petty disagreements must go!

Divided we are between ourselves
Lost to color without;
Our eyes so captured, a bitterest rapture,
Is that what life’s about?

What of those other voices,
Too small for ears to hear?
Not people, not politics, 
Neither man nor woman,
Littlest lives not held so dear…

They the ones we so ignore,
Nature’s sweet children underneath;
As we burn her land and scorch through shore,
A Hell we do bequeath

We step on ants as though they aren’t
Even there by grace of God;
We murder those who haven’t a voice
As we continue to preach and applaud

Caught up chaos, our tit-for-tat tatter,
Sucked away by common conceit;
But I ask you now, shouldn’t all neighbors matter? 
As we pollute and debate, our shameless defeat

The answer is that we must come together,
And realize love behind everyone’s eyes;
All hearts are priceless before eternity,
So remember those littlest lives!