Introducing Immuto: Immutable Record-keeping for Anyone.

May 28, 2019 · 4 min read
Immuto allows organizations to store data securely and permanently which creates robust audit trails.

The Immuto Approach

Immuto, Inc. extends the security of blockchain technology to data in any business process while fully preserving the data privacy of end-users. With our API and software tools, we provide the value of blockchain technology with minimal integration hurdles. Immuto’s services can be easily integrated into new and existing systems alike. We aim to catalyze enterprise adoption of blockchain technology through our direct value, ease of integration, and low-cost service.

Our Services

Immuto offers companies a way to seamlessly integrate blockchain into existing systems through an application interface (API) with as few as 10 lines of code, reducing the need for specialized blockchain engineers and consultants and providing an untamperable audit trail of data. The RESTful API allows users to create permanent, untamperable archives of any data. These archives are accurately timestamped, linked to the creator, and irrefutably verify the legitimacy of data. Because of the lightweight infrastructure, the application scales incredibly well, which allows for a low-cost subscription to enterprise at ⅔ the cost of close competitors. The cost of enterprise access to the Immuto API begins at $250/month. At this price, companies are able to create 10,000 archives per month with unlimited verification. Immuto offers various open-source libraries that enable seamless API integration.

What does this process look like?

Current enterprise blockchain platforms or ERP systems in general are often difficult to use and usually create an additional process workflows. Seeing that this is considered “the norm” in enterprise software, our team saw this as something that needed to be changed. For Immuto we agreed that added benefits for a company shouldn’t require the end user to perform extra work. All it takes for organizations to incorporate this process is as few as 10 lines and they are able to start creating records that are provably unchanged!

What types of data can Immuto be used for?

Any! We’ve generalized Immuto so it can be used to provide data integrity for any business process.

Current Use Cases

We have evaluated multiple use cases within healthcare and pharmaceuticals where Immuto provides immediate value. These include Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN), Clinical Trial patient consent, and the pharmaceutical supply chain. Current ELN’s do not provide true immutability guarantees. With Immuto, users can prove logged results and timestamps are legitimate, producing a robust audit trail. For clinical trial patient consent forms, we enable organizations to remove a 3rd-party contract research organization (CRO) in document transfer, allowing for additional patient privacy and a reduction in cost. In regards to supply chain, by 2023 the FDA has mandated that all drugs will have to be serialized and be tracked throughout the supply chain. With Immuto, companies could capture all of the movements and ensure every movement of the drug is permanently logged.

Background on the Team

Immuto, Inc. is a c-corp incorporated in Delaware. The company is owned by co-founders Sebastian Coates (CEO) and Derek Strauss (CFO). Sebastian studies Computer Science and Math at Tufts and University of Oxford. He has worked as a blockchain developer in finance at Bank of America and pharmaceuticals with Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Derek’s background is in finance and sales. He helped formulate the business integration plan for the application developed at Vertex. Additionally, Derek recently graduated with a degree in Finance at Florida State University where he co-founded The Collegiate Blockchain Conference. At Vertex we developed a blockchain proof of concept for their clinical trials, which resulted in various industry speaking engagements, including the Bio-IT World Expo and IEEE Blockchain for Clinical Trials Forum. The IEEE will be publishing a summary of our work in the near future.

Immuto, Inc. co-founders Derek Strauss and Sebastian Coates.

How to get started

Go to to start a Free 1 Month Trial in our development environment. From there will give you 100 complimentary credits to start testing out our platform! If you are interested in developing with Immuto, you can also check out our GitHub here. If you have any trouble along the way or just a general question, we’d love to hear from you at .

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in this post are solely our own and do not express the views or opinions of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Bank of America or any other prior affiliations.

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