Haas Social Impact Fund 2017: A Recap

The Haas Social Impact Fund (HSIF) was founded in 2004 by Berkeley Haas MBA students interested in social sector careers. HSIF provides grants to first-year, full-time MBA students who accept summer internships in the social sector. These grants allow students to put their MBA education to use for organizations that are doing important work in communities locally and around the world but cannot offer to pay a typical MBA salary. In 2017, seven Berkeley Haas MBA students received funding. Their summer experiences and how the HSIF enhanced their internship and commitment to a career in social impact are showcased here.

Amol Borcar — Not Just a Walk in the Park

Amol Borcar served as a one of the consultants for the National Park Service (NPS). Borcar was stationed at Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland — home to one of the four historic cabin camps built in the 1930’s by the Works Progress Administration. Borcar’s reassessment of the park’s annual budget and marketing strategies helped preserve the park’s educational and resource management programs.

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One of the many youth groups that stayed at the National Park Service’s Catoctin campground in Maryland.

Megha Kansra — A Crash Course in Scaling Impact: My Summer as an Intern at Rocketship Public Schools

Megha Kansra worked with a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools from Rocketship Public Schools on their Strategy and Scalability team to provide quality education to over 7,000 students in underserved communities nationwide. Kansra played a central role in providing students a personalized curriculum that helps them unlock their academic potential and eliminate the education achievement gap.

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Matt Hamilton — Helping Others on Their Worst Day

Matt Hamilton worked with Team Rubicon, a disaster response non-profit located in Los Angeles. Hamilton proved to be an asset to his team by producing data analytics and survey designs that optimizes their Team Rubicon’s operational activities. Hamilton’s contribution to Team Rubicon has allowed them to provide the greatest service and impact possible to help communities recover from disasters sooner.

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Matt Hamilton (right) at work with Team Rubicon

Tyler Saltiel — Managing Growth in Global health Innovation

Tyler Saltiel worked as an intern for PATH — one of the great leaders in global health innovation — as part of their strategy team. Saltiel’s participation in their consulting operations helped facilitate the growth of the organization without creating dependence on one funder or customer. Saltiel’s ability to generate revenue from cross-sector collaborations drove the expansion of the organization's ability to provide health equity to a wider community.

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Lizzie Faust — Three Internships in One: A Summer Spent with a Philanthropic Venture Fund and Two Portfolio Organizations

Lizzie Faust’s internship with the Draper Richard Kaplan Foundation (DRK) — a non-profit organization that aims to bring about sustainable change in healthcare, education, and social justice —enabled her to leverage her consulting background at Haas towards a long-term impact investing. Faust’s involvement with two of DRK’s investment portfolios — D-Rev and Reset —enhanced the marketing potential of their new product launch and raised funds from grants in order to reduce recidivism rates.

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Joanne Lee — The Intersection of Community Development and Health

Joanne Lee spent her summer at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health working a couple of different project s— the Way to Wellville communities and the Build Healthy Places Network. Both projects gave her the opportunity to work on impact evaluation and ROI. At the Build Healthy Places Network — a non-profit that aims to help improve health of low-income communities — Lee created a social ROI estimator model and a toolkit for leaders to allow them to make their case to the government, foundations and investors. Lee’s summer experience has confirmed her commitment and passion to work in the intersection of urban development and health equity.

Om Chitale — A Blueprint for Quality Schools

Om Chitale worked in the Oakland Unified School District on a strategic plan for the district as it looks to restructure during a time of budget constraints. Chitale was able to engage with the Oakland community through a series of workshops meant to empower them to be a part of the strategic planning process, and provided some key budget analysis to support the district’s long-term needs.

About the Haas Social Impact Fund

The Haas Social Impact Fund is student-run and almost entirely funded by current Berkeley-Haas MBA students who voluntarily donate a small part of their summer salaries to support their classmates’ social sector endeavors. “The generosity of our classmates makes this possible,” Tiffany Lee, MBAA VP Community and manager of the Fund, noted, “It’s a testament to Haas values and our shared commitment to social impact and public service.”

To learn more about the Haas Social Impact Fund and/or to make a donation, visit our website.