#Goal 6 — When the well is dry we will know the worth of water.

“Although we take it for granted, sanitation is a physical measure that has probably done more to increase human life span than any kind of drug or surgery” — Deepak Chopra

By 2030, everyone will have safe water to drink; this is the aim of Global Goal 6 — Clean Water and Sanitation. Currently, an unbelievable 783 million people do not have access to this basic human necessity that so many of us take for granted.

So, it’s a pretty big task, but it’s one with which you have the power to help.

During your trip to Nepal you will see first hand how your money can fundamentally improve the lives of local people. 73% of the country lives without basic sanitation. A wealth of waterborne diseases result in over 44,000 children dying each year of entirely preventable causes. The Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) is working with entrepreneurs and communities to introduce innovative BioSand filters (BSF’s) to allow households and communities to access clean water. These filters remove pathogens and suspended solids from the water to make it safe to drink. So far, ENPHO has distributed 38,000 across the country, easing the lives of 190,000 people. Their approach is sustainable and community based, so the cash you raise is going to transform the lives of local people for generations to come, saving countless lives that would otherwise have been vulnerable to disease.

Alongside the basic sanitation issues in Nepal, lies the problem of waste management and rubbish disposal. Nepal has some of the most breath-taking scenery the world has to offer, but unfortunately, it is also home to the third most polluted city in the world — Kathmandu. Only 2% of Nepali households have their waste collected. This results in huge pile-ups of rubbish in urban and public areas. Again, this creates a breeding ground for disease and health problems. Clean Up Nepal are a charity tackling this, by running annual clean up events involving the whole country. 40,000 people, and 240 communities, get involved to clean up their neighbourhoods; in 2015, 282,699 kilos of litter were collected. The “Litter Free Neighbourhood” programme supplements the annual event as countless neighbourhoods realise the importance of maintaining the environment and enrol their commitment to the cause.

Both of these organisations are striving to create a cleaner Nepal by managing solid waste, rubbish and water. With 80% of diseases linked to poor water and sanitation, these are projects that are perhaps the most fundamental to the development of the country in every aspect. A healthy population provides the basic foundations for the country move forward, and to commit time and energy to achieving each of the other 15 Global Goals.

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