Raising Feminist Boys
Taryn De Vere

Men are privileged

Because they’re the majority of suicide victims

Because they’re the majority of assault victims

Because they’re the majority of murder victims

Because they’re the majority of workplace deaths

Because rape against them isn’t considered rape by most western laws.

Because if they’re raped they’ll be forced to pay child support if their rapist falls pregnant

Because they’re the majority of rape victims once you include prison rape and being made to penetrate others

Because they’ll be assumed to be criminals around children

Because they’ll receive longer sentences than women for the same crime.

Because they’ll have an education system that doesn’t suit their learning style and has less male role models due to the

stigma men have around children.

Because if they’re the victim of domestic violence they’ll have little to no support available for them despite the fact that

men are on average 1/3 to 2/5 victims depending on country

Because genital mutilation against them is LEGAL and promoted as a “healthy” when it’s not, the health benefits are actually called preventatives in the same way that cutting any limb or body part would be a preventative to not getting an infection in it, would you cut your children’s feet off so they won’t get an infection in the future? or to compare it to women, would you cut a girls tits off to minimize their chance of breast cancer … This is insane. Also the people who commit this act against their boys won’t be condemned for it. For example the actress who plays Amy on the big bang theory has had no social consequence for mutilating her children. Taking a knife to someone else’s body without their consent can only be called mutilation and it should be criminalized.

Because if they’re attacked by the opposite gender, they can’t defend themselves without being the bad guy.

Because they have no government sectors dedicated to their health and well being in most countries.

Because they’ll be denied access to certain vaccines and healthcare programs due to their gender.

Because they won’t be able to show emotion or acknowledge the inequality they face without social consequence.

Because in some countries, they can’t vote without agreeing to die in stupid political wars.

God males, why don’t you see how you’re just so privileged.

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