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I like that you frame it as having control over your experience of the saga, I think when it comes to differing accounts that is important. Besides, if we go beyond the Disney canon to include the Expanded Universe and the LEGO Stories, one can enjoy and experience what is otherwise the same universe from different angles without any need for continuity between them. In fact, I would even suggest that the LEGO Freemaker Adventures are a form of SW storytelling that is 1) underappreciated by some 2) telling stories in a way that are far more interesting than some (not all) stories in the Disney canon.

Now, internally, within the Disney canon itself, I would argue that the drive for consistency and continuity is necessary and important. This isn’t a suggestion that the Story Group or others are not taking it seriously, I am sure they are/do. But, by creating a canon of stories that follow the same narrative trajectory across various mediums also created the need to pay closer attention to the objective facts of the stories. The nice thing about the EU and LEGO stories was/is the freedom to push contradictory boundaries. When the Disney canon was created, it set a boundary that couldn’t be violated in that way. This isn’t a bad thing, I like consistency and the idea that there is a boundary. What I wouldn’t like, though, is if these stories that I have to spend $$$ on across mediums begin contradicting in really big/obvious ways. My capacity to enjoy the story wouldn’t just suffer, but it would make me less inclined to even participate altogether.

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