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Out of curiosity, what would the line be for you when it comes to inconsistencies in the Disney canon? I certainly agree that mistakes are part of storytelling, they happen and are hardly intended to be nefarious. Still, mistakes can and do, at times, distract some from the overall enjoyment of the stories, pulling them out and making them question the when/where/why of events. This is annoying, and I am sure you may have even had moments like this before, but as you say it also adds to the mystery and storytelling at times, and I for one enjoy trying to create a bit of “head canon” to fill in the details/make sense of the mistakes (if it is possible to do that).

Still, my question is a larger one: how would you feel if — and perhaps when — an otherwise major issue arises? For that matter, what would you consider a major issue? For me, I think it would come down to an important character/event fundamentally contradicting another character/event. If, say, Han Solo is in two places at the exact same time, that is a pretty big problem — I am not sure I want to spend my money on either of those stories, then. On the other hand, do you think it is possible that issues of continuity could be thematic in nature, that the way characters/events/factions etc. are depicted could be undermined within the story(ies) and, as such, that could be a line for you?

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