The Indiana Cannabis brand Higher LIFE is living up to the hype!

Highly dedicated, innovative, and goal-driven, Brandon Howard is a spearheading business professional whose underlying mission is to raise the CBD industry standards bar. As the Founder and Owner of Higher Life CBD Dispensary since 2018 and Higher Life Cereal Café since 2020, he has an extensive leadership background involving business development, marketing, branding and has proven to exceed customer expectations with his full spectrum of high-quality products.

Brandon has held several prestigious roles prior to launching the Higher Life brand, including an Artist Manager from 2014 to 2018 and a Magazine publication owner from 2008 to 2011. In addition, his efforts and accomplishments throughout his career thus far have not gone unnoticed. His serial entrepreneurship has made him the perfect owner of this current endeavor. After picking up a number of skills over the years in entrepreneurship, he has laid the groundwork for success, especially in such an industry like CBD.

Ever since the legalization of CBD, the realization of its incredible health benefits is being brought to light now more than ever. From reducing stresses, relieving chronic pains, and easing anxiety, CBD is certainly a powerful solution that can cover so many conditions, truly improving quality of life. However, quality plays a massive role in how your results will turn out. Because of this, having nothing but the cleanest products is vital for you to get the most out of every use, and what Brandon has dedicated his brand to showcase. To date, Higher Life CBD Dispensary is one of the most trusted cannabis companies, and the reason why is Brandon built it on a foundation of authenticity, trust, quality, and transparency.

Overall, Higher Life CBD is excited to be able to provide society with the most advanced, vetted, and quality assured products on the market that they deserve. Brandon has a true ardency for his career, values integrity and trust, and demonstrates his devotion through his professional, qualified, and compassionate services that have left lasting marks in the cannabis industry as a whole. By taking care of his customers, he is able to position the company to provide the highest quality products and excellent customer service.

“We supply consumers with the best high quality CBD products on the market at an affordable price. Helping our customers is our priority, we take pride in satisfying them with a holistic alternative that also works for them,” Brandon says.

As one of the number one dispensaries in Indiana, Higher life is doing six digits in sales a year. “We’ve been open for two and half years in Indianapolis Indiana and we’re currently ranked as the number one CBD dispensary and brand,” Brandon states. Higher Life’s success is apparent, their growth has attracted features in High Times Magazine, Yahoo! finance, Influencive, Fox News, Indy Star, Indianapolis Business journal and L.A Weekly. “We are really proud of what we’ve accomplished with the Higher Life brand,” he says.

All of this started because Brandon and the Higher Life team wanted to supply consumers with the best high quality CBD products. “We love getting to do this for our customers! It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth every bit of the hardship, sleepless nights, and stress. With the pandemic it was pretty difficult, but we are hanging on and now growing and progressing faster than ever.”

Higher Life CBD Dispensary and Higher Life Cafe are leaders in high quality cannabis and CBD products in Indiana. With Brandon Howard’s leadership and business savvy, the Higher Life brand is going farther. Their customer service skills are what make long-time customers stay and what attract new customers. “We are truly getting to do what we love for the people we care about. Our customers are like family, and we want to make sure they get the best.”

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