Tinna Jackson: One of 2023’s Most Inspiring Business Women

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4 min readApr 26, 2023

Award-winning executive coach, certified emotional intelligence practitioner, and strategic operations expert Tinna Jackson has been named the Most Inspiring Business Woman of the Year 2023 by CXO Outlook.

She is pleased by this honor — and chalks it up to over 25 years of hard work. As the founder of Jackson Consulting Group, LLC, Tinna and her team help growing businesses and leaders succeed by finding innovative solutions to achieve their goals. She believes in fostering a community in the workplace, and emphasizes strategies such as promoting gender equality, listening to employee feedback, and seeking advice or mentorship as a leader.

“Businesses can build organizational cultures that promote gender equality by hiring and retaining diverse teams and providing equal advancement opportunities,” she says in a recent Forbes article. “Policies, procedures, and practices must exist to support, actively promote and protect gender equality while encouraging open dialogue and understanding. These actions will truly foster a culture supportive of all genders in the workplace.”

This is just one example of how Tinna Jackson is working to be the most inspiring business woman and leader that she can be. She has the unique ability to motivate and influence others to achieve their full potential by sharing her clear vision and communicating it effectively to her team, encouraging them to work towards common goals. She creates a positive and supportive work environment that encourages creativity and innovation, and she leads by example, setting high standards of excellence for herself and her team.

Tinna is passionate about what she does, and this passion is contagious. She’s able to inspire her team to share their vision and work towards achieving it with enthusiasm and dedication. She recognizes and develops the strengths of her team members, creating opportunities for growth and development.

In addition, Tinna leads with integrity and ethics. She’s committed to doing what is right, even when it is difficult, and is transparent in her communication with her team. She holds herself accountable and takes responsibility for her actions, and she expects the same from her team members.

“As a manager, you possess a significant amount of power and accountability,” she wrote recently in Forbes. “It is up to you to manage your team and ensure they are both satisfied and working hard.”

As a result of Tinna’s inspiring leadership, Jackson Consulting Group was recognized as the “Top Organizational Change Management Company of 2022” by Manage HR and one of the “Top 5 Empowering Consultants of 2023” by Business Leaders Review. The company provides executive coaching, organizational change management, and strategic operations consulting services to growing organizations and decision-makers across various industries.

With a commitment to sustainability, Jackson Consulting Group works to promote ethical and sustainable business practices in all aspects of its operations. The company’s innovative approach to overhauling operations and supporting divisions has resulted in groundbreaking process improvements that strengthen organizations.

About Tinna Jackson

Tinna Jackson is a highly skilled and experienced leader who has honed her transformational leadership skills across various industries, including non-profits, trade associations, law/lobby firms, defense contracting, and national politics. As a former deputy chief of staff in the United States Senate and a C-level executive for a national political committee, Tinna has played a crucial role in overhauling operations and supporting divisions while continuously innovating groundbreaking process improvements to strengthen organizations.

Through Jackson Consulting Group, LLC, Tinna uses her expertise and supportive applications to help growing organizations and decision-makers achieve successful outcomes and curate creative solutions to achieve strategic objectives across the country and political spectrum. She is known for her innate ability to connect with people, build and sustain best practice systems, optimize operational efficiencies, and foster positive organizational cultures. Tinna is a member of several prestigious organizations, including the Center for Executive Coaching, the International Coaching Federation, the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, and the Forbes Coaches Council.

“True success comes when opportunities to serve others come into alignment with your true purpose,” Tinna reveals. “Success is not difficult to obtain. The lack of drive, determination, solid work ethic and consistency are what makes success unattainable. Crisis reveals character; success reveals who you truly are.”

Learn more: https://tinnajackson.com/

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