Career Opportunities in the Marketing Research Industry

Most market researchers feel that their job is the best in the world, and with good reason. Within the industry, a wide variety of positions are open to suitable candidates, enumerated below.

When setting out on a new career path, it is very difficult to understand the options available. To make it big in the market research industry, aspirants need to be team players, yet know how to shine in any project amongst a group of peers. These jobs are organized around two situations — within agencies conducting market research, or in the client’s camp, who could be NGO’s, retailers, manufacturers, service providers, ETC.

The structure of an organization is different in every company, but essentially market research departments of companies are run in two ways-like in-house research companies carrying out research for their product, brand or service, or like internal consultants which sub-contract the actual research work to external research companies.

Here’s what a typical organization hierarchy in a solely market research company looks like, including key positions:-

Executive Positions

Director of Research: The most senior and high ranked person in the organization, who is given the responsibility of scheduling and organizing all market research projects.

Manager of Research: The person responsible for implementation all research projects; it is the research manager who will be the point of contact with the end clients and be responsible for the smooth and timely completion of research projects.

Research Executive: This person holds the responsibility of developing each project and is involved with the research operations. He is required to work closely with all team members to develop research design strategies and implement them successfully.

Research Analyst: Each questionnaire for each research project of the company is tested by the research analyst who is also responsible for analysis of data and development of presentation.

Positions in the Field

Director of Operations: The most important job in the organization, the holder of this position is involved with the activities of every department, including data entry, sampling, tabulations, etc, all while assuring timely completion of projects in the specified cost and time.

Manager of Fieldwork: In charge of the department carrying out the actual research, and involved with every aspect of research fieldwork right from recruiting researchers to quality management.

Data Processor/Statistician: They specialize in one or many forms of research and data processing, including statistical techniques, market modelling, etc.

Globalization and the Digital Revolution have paved the way for continuous new dimensions in the market research field that can be exploited by graduates looking for a successful career.

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