1. Goals

I have heard so much about SMART goals that doesn’t sound clever. Why on earth, if there is a system to get things or the aspirations that we want in our life, that we don’t play smart?

It makes sense to set a goal that is Specific,Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound, but, and here a big but (talking abut prepositions here) is that before thinking SMART, we need to know how that goal is going to play in our lives, what benefits will it bring, and if this will makes us a better persons (even for our own selves counts).

I have come to realize that in order to set a goal first I need to imagine how that would change my ways and if I would like that change as a tenant in a new me.

The word I came out with to set goals would be iSMART… (yeah, is a worn-out word composition). The “i” stands for -not I from self-, but “i” from “imagination” Eureka!. Well, it really is not that of a fancy name but it is crucial for completing the goal.

Why you may ask?

I can set a goal if I can imagine myself having that new attribute or skill or knowledge I am trying to achieve, and most importantly I can find out if I would like the future “me”. If everything goes right (meaning I like it)then I can add the SMART smart descriptions to find a way to make it from start to finish. (That definitely will be another post about how to’s)

Writing here is my excuse to write about my own goal setting, so I will use Medium as a binnacle of my progress, for I doubt of abundant readers.

eol. (end of line)

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