Podcast — Chris Sacca & Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris Show Podcast Notes

Take aways:

  • Know yourself. Be confident. “Not everyone is meant to be a startup founder. In fact there isn’t even the easiest or best way to get wealthy in Silicon Valley.”
  • Be interesting and surround yourself with interesting people.
  • Book suggestions: Magic of Thinking Big, Scratch and Sniff Guide to Wine Tastings. “Reading can give you perspective that you couldn’t see elsewhere.”
  • Investment strategies — “Go after companies that are already good, and make them great.”
  • Parenting — “Get your kids out of school. Put them in book readings, high end internships and shitty temp work. Gives them perspective.”

Link: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2015/05/30/chris-sacca/

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