UX Job Descriptions

GA UX Introductory Assignment

Start up

  1. Company: Flat World
    Position: UI/UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): Make complicated designs simple, independent, strong visual design skills, works well in a short feedback loop
  2. Company: Astra Zeneca
    Position: Senior UI/UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): Portfolio Required, hands on design experience, management of other teams.
  3. Company: Xometry
    Position: UI/UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): Work directly with software team, profile customers of their needs, incorporate user analytics
  4. Company: Spree Commerce
    Position: UI/UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): Key in bringing product to life, experience developing simple user interfaces, maintain best practices, high comfort with end users
  5. Company: SNOBSWAP
    Position: UI/UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): User Experience Design, HTML, CSS, User Interface Design

In House Teams

  1. Company: Bloomberg
    Description (requirements / themes): Take products through the entire process, Work with a good deal of different teams / individuals, Communication is key.
  2. Company: Amazon
    Position: UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): Customer-obsessed, wireframe / mockup expertise, Work between teams.
  3. Company: DICE
    Position: Web Designer / Developer — Front End / User Experience
    Description (requirements / themes): Experience in Front-End Web Development, JavaScript, Git, Visual Studio, Design proof of concept, bookend the process.
  4. Company: Starbucks
    Position: director, User Experience/UX & Product Design — Digital Products
    Description (requirements / themes): Desire to make GREAT PRODUCTS, Passionate about people, role of player-coach.
  5. Company: Expedia
    Position: User Experience Design Lead
    Description (requirements / themes): Unify company goals with user needs. Love this description!


  1. Company: Digital Telepathy
    Position: Lead UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): The UX Designer’s job is to create beautiful and compelling interactive experiences, and is responsible for the full lifecycle of design. Passion to push things forward. Photoshop / Illustrator skills.
  2. Company: Forty
    Position: All Design
    Description (requirements / themes): Autonomy, learning, meaningful work, work-life balance
  3. Company: Bluetext
    Description (requirements / themes): Autonomy / teamwork, website, digital and print design
  4. Company: Slice of Lime
    Position: Senior UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): Good listener, working directly with the client, proactive in seeing issues and thinking of solutions.
  5. Company: Rossul
    Position: UI/UX Designer
    Description (requirements / themes): Strong interest in human-computer interaction, analytical / problem solving, independent
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