Lady Banks
Oct 3, 2019 · 1 min read

So much this.

I hit 25 this year. WE hit 25 this year.

We lost a business in year one. Scratched, clawed and pulled ourselves back together by year 3 and lost it all again by year 5. Lost a baby that same year. Built a family. Lost everything multiple times over and rebuilt together.

He has now been sick a long time. A stroke and TBIs have changed him and I carry much of the burden of US. But we still choose one another.

I’ve discovered new things about me that have also brought challenges for us both. We’ve changed some of our marital boundaries and definitions to accommodate them. But we still choose each other.

Every day.


Thank you. This is very well written. Excellent advice that WILL stand the test of time.

Lady Banks

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Anonymized for my protection

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