Story of Mentor

For me my father has been mentor. He has been a lightning for me in every part of the life. My father had six brothers and 2 sisters. My grandfather was a farmer by profession and they used to live by hand to mouth because our land was located in the area where crops were totally dependent on the rain.

We used to live in a small village. My father had a government job and he used to live in a different city. Education facilities in my village were not good at that time. My father made a decision to move us with him in the city just so we can study. That was the decision which has most impacted on my life. If my father wouldn’t had taken that step then definitely i wouldn’t have been here. Moving into a big city was not easy. Our father educated all of us my elder sister, younger brother and me.

When i went to the college my college fee was very high. Even then my father supported me and said that “Don’t you worry about it and just concentrate on your studies. We don’t had the chance to study but you people have got the chance make it count”.

That was a big motivation for me. I really burned the mid night oil and i earned scholarship from my college and during first year at college i paid full fee after that my fee was reduced to half. In the second year i didn’t paid a single penny to college because of the outstanding result in the first year exams.

It was all due to the fact that i learned from my father past and the efforts he is putting on me. Humility was the first step for my success.

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