Biggest Charity Fraud in Panama Papers
Akber Choudhry

Seriously, you must be having a slow news day so it became news for you. You are missing some vital info about Ahmadis:

  1. No Ahmadi gives money to any organization, it is given to Allah, our account is with Allah not a human being nor an organization;
  2. No Ahmadi has ever questioned what was done with that money, we have unwavering and undying faith in Allah and his Khalifa;

You have mentioned stashing if all this money, and investment in properties through these companies. I am calling you a compulsive liar unless you can prove the amount stashed in each company and a list of properties bought from these funds.

Please also give the date on which some or most of these companies were closed/liquidated.

AMJI is a global charity, it is outside the gambit of any taxation and restriction of flow of funds to its various entities, so how can this be a fraud if any sort if there was no complaint against this organization and its various branches?

It is perfectly legal to keep funds anywhere the organization feels so it can easily transfer funds when needed, where the organization is not registered as a corporation it can buy properties, through individual trustworthy members.

As for all the properties you mention, there are hundreds more, and they are used in an extensive network of mosques, mission houses to spread message of Islam, medical facilities – run by volunteers of Ahmadiyya Organization, schools and other educational institutes, just to name few sectors that this organization takes care of in Africa, South America, South East Asia and other third world and under developed countries.

I wish people like you should shed some light on these aspects of this organization. There is a saying that if your facts are weak you should argue the law, if your law is weak argue the facts, but if your law and facts both are weak then yell like hell.

May Allah put some sense in you.

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