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How to Cope with Your Partner’s Snoring

Ways to Deal a Habitual Snorer

Maybe I was in the 6th grade when I first read a story about a divorce case due to snoring. The story was a bit upsetting to me in that age, because I couldn't understand how snoring ruins a marriage. However, as of today, I still find it difficult to understand the break up consequences of snoring in a relationship.

A question always stuck my mind that if snoring can break a couple’s relationship, then what’s the basis of their relationship. Obviously, you can’t appreciate a relationship like that one as a good one, as it’s clearly lacking Sacrifice and Shear — the two fundamental pillars of a long-standing bond. Truthfully, if anyone wants to keep a bond intact, he (or she) can do many things to cope with snoring — no matter how harsh the sound is.

Value Your Relationship

I live in a country (Bangladesh) where a marriage isn't just a bond between two people, instead it’s a bond between two extended families, and here people do everything to keep a relationship alive. We can never think of breaking a relationship for a simple cause like snoring, because people will die laughing here if they hear a marriage is just broken for snoring.

Although it’s true that frequent snoring can interrupt the quality and quantity of anyone’s sleep, but split-up isn't an option to cope with your partner’s snoring. Believe it or not but keeping a relationship is the ultimate way to lead a happy family life. If your partner is a habitual snorer, value your relationship first, because you can’t just ruin a relationship for a worthless reason like snoring.

Your partner is probably experiencing a serious health issue, and in that case, you need to give your partner the mental support he (or she) needs. Make it your main concern to find a solution so that you both can sleep well. Helping one another in critical conditions can also provide you an opportunity to strengthen the bond and to become more deeply committed.

Find out the Root Cause of Your Partner’s Snoring

Snoring is usually regarded as a symptom of sleep disorder, but most often, it’s not considered as a medical condition. So, to find out the root cause, you need to get to the bottom of why your partner is snoring.

Different sleep positions often reveal why a snorer is snoring. While your partner is asleep, observing sleep patterns and sleep positions can help you to pinpoint the root cause of snoring. Keep a sleep diary and monitor when and how the snoring occurs. Sleep positions and patterns that may contribute to snoring include:

Closed-mouth snoring: Often indicates tongue muscle weakness. Oral appliance can effectively reduce the severity and frequency of snoring. Alternatively, singing and tongue exercise may also help.

Open-mouth snoring: Suggests a possible link with the excess tissues in throat. Didgeridoo playing and throat exercise may help.

Snoring in back position: Often indicates mild snoring if your partner is snoring only in this position. Healthy lifestyle and sleep position changes may be effective cures.

Snoring in all sleep positions: This can reveal that the snoring is more severe and requires a comprehensive medical treatment. This may also indicate your partner is probably having obstructive sleep apnea, a life threatening sleep disorder in which the snorer keeps waking up repeatedly during sleep for breathing difficulty.

Consult with a Doctor

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You’ll find many bizarre treatment options available in the market to cope with snoring, but it’s always best to consult with a a doctor — who is specialized in sleep disorders — first. As you’re not a medical professional, you may never identify the underlying causes, which are making your partner’s snoring worse. So, please consider consulting with a sleep disorder specialist first, because your partner is maybe experiencing difficulty breathing during sleep or has developed a more severe condition what you’re not concerned of.