Three Ways to Reduce Hefty Hospital Bills

Legal Ways to Cope with Bills

For many patients, admitting in a hospital or clinic is like a nightmare! It’s not that a majority of them simply fear the needles or injections. In most occasions, these patients become anxious thinking that they might receive a hefty hospital bill afterward.

Well, it’s undeniable that hefty medical bills can make anyone go insane. However, there are some legal ways to reduce these shocking bills, such as by trying to negotiate bills before they are issued or spotting mistakes in them after.

Accordingly, in this article, I would like to discuss how to cope with these hefty medical bills. Here are three legal ways that you may try to reduce your hospital bills.

Sharon’s Hospital Bill |Via Flickr (CC-BY-2.0)
  1. Always negotiate your bills

Many patients just go with the system. They don’t even know (or try to know) whether it is possible to negotiate their hospital bills or not. I believe that’s because they are too shy to ask!

Well, as far I believe there is no shame in asking!

So, if you are hoping to negotiate your bill, the simple way to reduce it is speaking directly with the doctor to see if his fees can be lowered. If you can’t get in touch with your doctor, ask the receptionists or staff members at the hospital whom you should get in touch with. To solidify your chances, you should ask before you commence any treatment or consultation. But if you somehow missed that opportunity, don’t be panic. Stay cool! Even if you have already commenced treatment or received the actual bill, it is still possible to negotiate for a lower payable sum.

Just go and ask! Maybe, the staffs will urge first! But always be polite and gentle when you’re explaining your reasons for needing to pay a lower amount. Use your brain to make your reasons more reasonable. I believe ultimately you may be surprised to find that it’s often possible to get a discount. However, if you intend to make a claim through Medicare or a insurance policy, be sure to inform the hospital staff as they might be able to offer you a reduced price.

2. Review the bill

Unlike restaurant bills, which only occasionally contain mistakes, hospital bills often contain many systematic errors.

When you receive a hefty hospital bill, stay calm and cool. Request for an itemized bill so you can see what you have been charged for. Take your time and scrutinize each points in the bill to make sure you have been charged correctly. Itemized hospital bills are often complicated, as it consists of numerous components. So, I’m again saying spend some time going through all entries and making sure they are correct. Make sure you have not been charged for any services you did not use.

Well, if you’ve doubts in your mind, don’t hesitate. Just ask your doctor or the staff members if you are not sure why you have been charged a certain amount for a particular item. But if you’re not satisfied with their reasons, ask for a written explanation of the rationale behind the price.

3. Make Insurance Claims

Maybe, you’re well aware about this point. But I’m just writing this to make sure you don’t forget.

Once you’ve gotten your bill finalized, you will need to liaise with your insurance providers to ensure you get as much coverage as you can. If you are not certain of the extent to which you are covered by various insurance plans, review the terms governing your insurance policies.

If you are an employee, don’t forget to check if your employer has provided you with an insurance plan that can offer coverage in certain areas. If your claim is denied, contact the insurance company immediately and make detailed notes on all conversations you have with staff members. Do your due diligence, review all documentation and ensure that no errors have been made by you, the hospital or the insurance company.

Finally, I believe mentally preparing yourself by knowing what to do ahead of time can go a long way towards helping you reduce the amount in your hospital bills.

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