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As National Inclusion Week wraps up, we’ve received some fantastic feedback about our FinTech For All breakfast event on Tuesday! What a success, and special thanks to our panelists from Anthemis,, and Innovate Finance.

If you missed it, not to worry! Here are some of the key takeaways from our panel discussion, a few resource recommendations which came up, and a short exercise from our microagressions training.

So what is FinTech For All?

There may be a lot of goodwill surrounding diversity and inclusion in the FinTech industry, but translating this into effective action has always been an immense challenge. As one of our co-founders put it on Tuesday, ‘culture’ and ‘inclusion’ are themselves often nebulous, unactionable words, so how do we break them down into everyday behaviours? …

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It was a short, open letter to the company’s board of directors stating that “harassment at Ted Baker is well documented but wilfully ignored’, it called for an end to “forced hugging” and harassment and added that “it is time to break the silence”. It was signed by more than 200 members of staff, exploded into global news, and, this week, it led to the resignation of CEO Ray Kelvin, an icon hailed as the “the closest man to Ted”.

It’s the latest success for a growing movement of employee activism, and stands as yet another reminder that employees are speaking out about their experiences and forcing us to listen — protesting against unacceptable behaviours and the deeply broken HR functions that perpetuate them. …

Why, at InChorus, we’re arguing for new tools that empower employees to share incidents of bias.

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Last autumn the world watched as 20,000 Google employees walked out in unison. They did so in protest against Google’s handling of sexual harassment — to stand up to a culture where the voices of the powerful silence those beneath them. It was a moment that added to the series of (now) painfully familiar events. Weinstein and Hollywood, Susan Fowler and Uber, Westminster, Sir Phillip Green, #Metoo #TIMESUP the list of exposes and protest movements grows and continues to gain momentum.

It will continue to gain momentum because we’re seeing a paradigm shift. Today, employees are demanding the disruption of a status quo that has accepted systemic racism and sexism, unequal pay, and harassment, and they’re doing so by speaking out about their experiences and forcing us to listen. It’s hard to overstate the importance of that moment — when an individual, or group, breaks the silence. Because only from that point of disclosure does action that can address the root problem really begin. …



Social tech venture shining a light on bias & harassment to grow more inclusive organisations.

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