5 Ways to Earn a Spot at a Top Law School

To get into a top law school, there are plenty of things applicants can do to further support their LSAT scores and provide the admissions office with even more validation of their strong academic performance.

One of the most common questions that law school applicants ask our admissions experts is some variation of the following: “are top law schools going to accord my undergraduate record less respect because it’s not a highly-ranked school?” Most bluntly, the answer is generally yes.

Below are a couple of ways to further validate your strong academic performance:

1. Letters of Recommendation — One of the best ways in which students can address issues that might otherwise have been known about other applicants from typical feeder schools is to have a recommender step right out in front of the issue. Comparative statements from recommenders can be tremendously effective, especially if they have studied at highly respected institutions, are leaders in their field, or have worked at a top school.

2. Summer Experiences — Getting a prestigious summer job or internship can often serve as a proxy for coming from a “feeder school” in some cases. Very competitive summer programs, of course, have their own admissions standards; consequently, your success in one of those programs will speak volumes about your ability, as compared to peers from other schools.

3. Extra-curriculars — Extra-curricular activities that engage people outside of your school can be another good way to credential yourself. National organizations and competitions can provide you a good outlet for demonstrating your potential vis-a-vis applicants from other schools. Achievements in the community, too, are a terrific barometer of your readiness for law school and beyond.

4. Exchange Programs or Study Abroad — One of the best ways to correct the misperception that you might not be as qualified as an applicant from a traditional “feeder” school is to actually go to such a school for an exchange program over a semester. Another avenue is study abroad programs or even domestic exchange programs to a non-feeder school that will allow you to increase the sample size of evidence about your academic potential.

5. Publication — Much like summer experiences, publication of work in peer-reviewed journals or other media outside of the confines of your own school can help you really stand out when applying to top law schools.

If you need help applying to a top law school, our law school admissions experts will help you strategize and implement ways to punch above your college’s weight class.

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