Non-profit Organization Launches, Promoting Courage

Santa Monica, Calif — What would you tell your 17 or 18 year-old self if you could see her today? Would you tell her not to date that one dude on the Harley Davidson motorcycle? Would you tell her to go after the possibilities she thinks she cannot overcome? Or both?

There is no one-size-fits all courage. It comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Individuals have to look within themselves to envelop that idea.

CEO and Founder of In Her Shoes Movement, Judith Martinez, launches her first annual young women’s non-profit organization. The reason behind this organization is to assist young high school girls with their educational and self-development goals. One hundred 17 to 18 year-old girls from the Los Angeles county private and public school system endure a long day of training and experience motivational discussions led by Martinez and thirteen other influential women.

Founder and CEO, Judith Martinez, introducing guest speaker, Tanya Bunger.

“In Her Shoes Movement is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering women and young girls to live courageous lives. All of our programming and foundation of our organization is based off of one question — What would you do and who would you be, if you were just one percent more courageous?” Martinez says

Martinez’s main insight was to help these young girls be aware of the challenges in their own life. She wants young women today to discover themselves at an early age so that they can “Catalyze Courage”. The theme for the event was to ponder what possibilities can be done if everyone was “1% more courageous” each and every day.

The word ‘courage’ has such a grand connotation. So what does it mean?

Jennifer Connor, a female participant adds, “Courage means having empowerment, you have the ability to succeed and chase after your dreams.”

Martinez says, “So many people can have so many expectations of us that we lose sight of the expectations we have of ourselves.” There were motivational speakers at this first time launch. Each speaker gave these young one hundred ladies advice and encouragement to overcome their personal hurdles.

“I chose every single one of the thirteen speakers because I really connected of who they were and what they stood for…not just any kind of courage, a courage to be against the grain.” Martinez says

Young ladies listening to guest speakers.

Ashley Hammen, a woman who explored so many different career options before finding her calling in film advocates that life is a learning lesson.

Hammen says, “Most of us think that we have to get to one end goal, it’s not that simple, life is a crazy roller coaster and you have to ride the ride.”

The young women are able to understand that plan ‘A’ sometimes does not go as planned. But that discouragement should not thwart them. Sometimes finding yourself means hopping on the roller coaster and experiencing the up’s and down’s of life.

Martinez continues, “A lot of the woman that we bring into the organization are successful in unconventional ways. We like to bring together professional woman who have breakthrough performance in fields that are not typically considered if you want to be ‘successful’.”

Layne Eiler, proud successful owner of Sweet Clemetine’s quit her full-time job to follow her passion in starting a natural popsicle business. She was able to speak and share her natural sweetness, no pun intended, to all the participants.

These fortunate young ladies receive the advice of courage that the speakers wish someone could have told them when they were in their teens.

Guest speaker, Tabby Biddle discussing courage during a group talk.

Kateryn McReynolds, one of the young female participants shares, “This program today helped me a lot and I already feel courageous already, I am ready to go out and do stuff in the world.”

The constant encouragement and advice from Martinez, her team, and the female influential speakers are brightening the eyes of these young ladies and encouraging them to express their passion.

“I am attracted to women who are real and have real stories with real results that show it is totally possible to be successful and follow your dreams at the same time.” Martinez mentions

With only one percent more courage the world is an oyster and filled with limitless possibilities.

Influential women from countries all over the world, such as, Sweden, are contacting and donating to Martinez to participate in the movement.

Martinez’s next In Her Shoes Movement will take place in San Francisco, Calif. early 2016. She is planning to create an international and United States based organization.

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Originally published at on April 24, 2015.

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