8:15 PM

Thirteen years ago, today, it was Good Friday. I’ve wondered countless times if that was some cruel irony, or a sort of consolation for her ascension. ‘Take her on a Good day’…

They say that it gets easier. They say that as time passes, that as the memory grows older the weight becomes more manageable. I don’t know how true or false that is yet.

I’m wading in the waters of what was, while looking ahead toward what will be. I’m hoping. Despite being half-full and focused, another revolution around the sun always seems to somehow bring me back here.

This must be what heartache feels like. I’m congested with past moments; thoughts on rapid-fire. Ruminations are in protest today. She is here today, whispering for me to ‘behave,’ and true-to-form I am… not.

I hope she takes pride in me anyway.

— e n i g m a

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