Ruminate over every minute detail

Dissect all complexities in attempts to simplify

Fail miserably

Become increasingly overwhelmed, knowing you would fail before you tried

Fidget in place

Stand up, as if you meant to

Walk like you have a destination

Ruminate over those details before, during, after each step

Stop and stare

Focus on your inability to focus

Feel the sweat bead across your brow

In your palms

Adjust and readjust your footing

To still feel unsteady

Spin without going round

Lose against every racing thought

Bite your nails like the masochist you so easily become

Worry yourself into submission

Stop and stare

Cringe while tremors dance up your spine

Rub away the goosebumps

Pace without pacing yourself

Attempt to reverse the effects

Pay too much attention to who sees you

Tap whatever will make noise

Drown out the noise

Try to still the waters

Sink into yourself

Wait for the quaking to pass

Wonder when it will happen