They say it’s a good thing to not be typical

The archetype most die trying to be like is… not… me

Weathering storms may have made me stronger

But unscathed is not who I am

The artists

Busy painting themselves a horse of another color


Playing pretend and dressing up as what they seek

Is not who I am

Poignant honesty isn’t something I can hide

I am visible despite demands to be other

Vulnerability is a state I stepped into

It’s a funny feeling to be stripped bare and to love it

Here I am

Left weakness at the door

Trudged through the sty of transgressions

Denied myself the ability to deny

It’s easier to fly

Without the weight of things you refuse to recognize

The flaws that once anchored me

That I gave encore after encore

That worked diligently in the background

Are in the light now

It’s light now

Something like free

Like strong

Like healing

Like you wouldn’t understand if you never been privy

This is plain but it’s never been simple

What I’ve been through should have killed me

And what I’m going through is worth going through

Thank God for the survival instinct

Here I am

Not all-put-together

Struggling in ways some just can’t relate to

But to appeal to other’s understanding is never what carried me through

I exclaim

My purpose isn’t to appease you

See through your perception

My purpose is there

Intent is set squarely before you

I won’t force you

Energy on reserve for the trials that deserve working through

I am bigger than back when I felt I was huge

This is a different sense of refuge

Rain doesn’t feel so cold now

So bold in truth now

Here I am

Holding what pained me into the flames

Scorching away residue

Pursuing better views

Remnants of youth no longer commanding

I am here

Parlaying with the purest parts of me

Sorry to who

Too busy BE-ing


— e n i g m a

#NaPoMo #NaPoWriMo #30in30 #Day8 #ImOnlyHuman