[STERLING] Silver Bullets

You get quiet when us NIGGAS riot.

You whisper and complain 
Say “look at those NIGGAS whine and complain” 
Another brotha slain 
And it’s like we always say 
Watch out for the quiet ones 
Watch out for those who feign innocence 
One in the same as those who pillage us 
Tip us over and leave us leaking 
For the asphalt to soak up 
Treating our culture our way our everything 
As if up for claiming and renaming 
Watch out for the quiet ones 
The conductors waving their wands 
While working up new policies 
Policing us into premature graves 
Given names hashed with a sentiment we’re all familiar with 
Original names lost in the settlements 
Bagged and tagged like trash after having been left to hang or lay lifeless

Strange fruit all too familiar to me 
Strange fruit that look just like me

Watch out for the quiet ones 
Waiting for the perfect shot 
Or too many imperfect shots to miss 
Opportunities to make us instant celebrities 
Convincing us that we are stars one bullet and body cam at a time

What a time… 
To somehow miraculously be alive

And I wonder if I’m swiftly approaching my time 
Under the spotlight 
Is today my turn to take the whiplash of a pistol 
Is today my day for them to scrutinize my history 
When did we become so desensitized 
What happened to being inquisitive 
Do we even have any fight left? 
Watch out for the quiet ones

I declare in foreign tongue

The wherewithal to bear it all must be commonplace 
And you hold us to that standard 
Deem us dark magic 
Mystifying and mythical 
Impervious to pain in the physical 
Not ever trying to understand so 
Watch out for the quiet ones 
Delivering silent commands 
Get down on the ground 
No comfort found in the place we so often come to rest 
No wonder we put our flight to the test 
Smoke, Drink, and Molly it all away

I understand

Everything we ain’t never been to you 
What we cry out and claim to be 
What you refuse to see 
The humanity 
Ain’t got no place here

It’s too perfect of a purgatory to change the protocol 
The process you claim men are due 
Obviously ain’t for me 
We gotta watch out for the quiet ones 
You won’t tell us you’re coming 
You’ll show up and beautify 
Stupefy us with silly novelties 
Promise with sugar-sweetened words 
And feigned sympathy 
To take care 
Tote togetherness 
So long as we’re just along for the ride 
Work us in efforts to provide 
Then say you made a way as if there was none 
Watch out for the quiet ones 
The complacent quickly become the complicit 
When histories are compared 
The silent become the violent when victims aren’t allowed to prepare 
You hollow out our bodies with hollow tips 
Claim you were scared 
And when we rise 
You’ll plead for peace 
Block off our hoods and tear gas our streets 
Ignore our pain and selectively see 
You’ll whisper and complain 
As another brotha is slain 
Stand with blood on your hands 
And still ask who is to blame 
But it’s like we always say

Watch out for the quiet ones

e n i g m a
(this is a work in progress)