Crowns : Already There

Romans 8:28

Never really understood the true meaning of how the Lord works or thinks and I think I would never understand it even until this moment I am typing this up. But it hit me today as I received news from the VP of Operations at my new job (fomer employer) The Melt. I forgot how the conversation came about but he told me that the previous company I had worked for (4 weeks ago) had closed their New York locations. When word broke out, I was shocked! Never would of known that this company (Eatsa) would shut down these locations. We are talking about a restaurant that is technology driven! C’mon now we are living in this where you can just order food through a kiosk and pick up your food through an automatic personal cubby! That’s Eatsa! But Herb (VP of The Melt) said that the brand, and the amount of stores that they open did not match with the revenue that is expected. After I heard the details i figured that this was eventually going to happen. It happened to the company I am in now. After work I usually take the bus home. During my morning commute, I could not get over the fact that the company I adored and had hopes to come back to had closed the NY locations. I began to look into the article. Before I can get off the bus to transfer to the next bus stop, I learned that the location I worked at too closed their Berkeley location. It was a shocker. I couldn’t not even grasp anything else around me because I thought about this news that I got not only shut their East Coast location, but the Berkeley location as well. As I boarding the transfer bus, I start to realize the weeks leading into my training. And how my wife and I prayed for the guidance of the Lord for this opportunity that revealed itself to me. A little bit of the background on how I came back to this job was just like a usual day. After I parked in the parking garage at the church, I usually take the route towards The Melt. This one particular day I noticed that their windows have been a victim of vandalism because of the riots in Berkeley. The reason why it hit me because this is the specific location I help open and train/develop. So I came in to ask their team about the situation. As I walked in I ended up bumping into the now Former Head of Operations Greg Flandermeyer (He hired me when I first started). We ended up catching up on work and where I am at in my career. Before I left work, he invited me to free lunch and asked me if I was interested in coming back! I left so confused that I did not know if it was a great idea or not. Later that night, I ended up telling my wife the idea. She did not take it well. But it was only an option at this point. The following week after that they were so consistent in taking me back. There were days where I told them I cannot work Saturday and Sunday for my ministry, they re-buddle with giving me those days off! There was a day where I told them I cannot work nights. They came back with giving me the morning shifts. I also was given an increase salary and the opportunity to work in the test kitchen store that I have been working for while I was with them at the time! After everything was set on the table, the first thing I did was….talk to my wife! When I told her about the opportunity we then spent one night praying for guidance and direction. After we prayed, we thought about it and weighed out our pros and on how this would benefit us if we were to start a bigger family. We decided to go for it and walk out in faith if this would be the best fit for me and my family. So I said yes. Signed my papers, submit my letter of resignation and left Eatsa. Fast forward to October 23, 2017 (two days ago), Eatsa Berkeley closed their stores.

I know it was a lot to reason but reason with all of this was that my wife and I did not know where this would take me, I did not know if I would be a great fit knowing that I left the company not in somewhat good terms (juvenile crew member). But we trusted in the Lord got us to leave a very comfortable spot not knowing where I was going with all of this. In the end of it all, the Lord was already there putting me in the place that he desired where I should be, so at the end of it all, I give him all of the praises and glory.

Later on during my training at The Melt, would find out my wife is having a baby!

For those who are reading, I encourage you not to give up stepping out of your comfort zone even in times when you do not know what the future holds, God is above you saying that he sees what is ahead of you even before you know it, he wants you to come to Him in FAITH, that you can trust him. So in doing so, it brings him the Glory!

Hope you enjoyed your day,

May God be the glory!

Romans 8:28