Launching… a Podcast for Fellows, by Fellows

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Last night I stood up for 3 minutes at InSITE Connect. “Welcome, ladies and germs.” A few people laughed. I told them about the special project I did this semester: on healthcare investing, equity crowdfunding, and launching a podcast called The Ultimate Doctor. (I already had two glasses of wine because they went well with the the sautéed shrimp and turkey meatballs.)

But then, I announced a surprise. I’m launching another podcast... One that is of the Fellows, by the Fellows, for the Fellows. All past fellows and all future fellows — not just in DC, but all over the country. And of course, for friends of InSITE: partner companies, partner startup hubs, and partner VC firms. I talked to some great people:

  • the VP of Marketing for a company that just raised $9M and hired our fellow Fellow
  • the head honchos at Working Lab Capital, who also happen to advise our chapter and headline our mentor breakfasts
  • the incoming president of Georgetown Law Ventures

I hope all of them will come on the podcast soon. Why? They’ve got amazing stories to tell, and I want you to hear them. The hard part is: they’re all humble. They wake up every day, work hard, and are NOT in the mindset: “I’ve made it.” And that’s exactly why I think you can learn from them. Because they are reluctant to say: “Look at me. I’ve got it all figured out.”

First, I made a short intro episode. I thought I would pick songs that entrepreneurs can vibe with. Billionaire by Bruno Mars. Stronger by Kanye. Hall of Fame by & The Script. Survival by Eminem.

Then, I interviewed Jennie Tian. She’s the person I’m supposed to follow in the footsteps of next year, as VP of Publicity… God help me.

Next, I interviewed the man, the myth, the legend Jordan Edelman. And his friend, our first InSITE alum on the podcast: Eric Ellsworth. (They were both on the global champion VCIC team) Those interviews are coming out later this week.

You don’t want to miss them.

So go ahead & click subscribe.

Just a last few things:

  • If you’re a current InSITE fellow or alum: click here. I want to interview you on the show! So just pick a time & we’ll record a convo on Skype.
  • If you’re a non-InSITE (or not-yet-InSITE) listener: enjoy the podcast! Let me know what you think with a 1–5 star review on iTunes: click here.
  • If you’re my momma: I love you! Couldn’t have done this without you.

I’ll see you all soon.

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