Humon, InTeahouse-based startup, made it to the Forbes 30 under 30

We are proud to see Alessandro Babini, Co-Founder of Humon, on two 30 under 30 lists by Forbes: Sports and Retails & Ecommerce. Humon is building a wearable device that measures oxygen levels in muscles to determine how hard athletes should push themselves, when muscles have recovered and when training can resume. The company has received $1 million in funding.

Alessandro Babini, Co-founder of Humon

Humon has been a part of InTeahouse, a tech hub in Cambridge, MA that connects local innovators with international investors, since April 2016. We currently focus on US-China tech investments, in the areas of robotics, life sciences, clean tech and fin tech. We provide a suite of services such as memberships to our international network of InTeahubs as well as Summit trips to China for local companies to meet investors, manufacturers and explore international markets. To learn more, please visit

InTeahub in Cambridge, MA
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