Winning the Tech Startup Race with Humon CEO

Humon CEO Alessandro Babini

The second CEO roundtable event started with a packed house at InTeahouse’s Boston headquarters, eagerly waiting to hear from Forbes Sports and Ecommerce 30 under 30 recipient and CEO of Humon, Alessandro Babini. The topic of the night was “Winning the Tech Startup Race” as Alessandro related it to his own path and his company’s path to success. Alessandro shared his journey through the startup world from the venture capital side to getting into the hardware business with wearable startup company Humon.

“I started in venture capital before I got the idea for Humon.” stated Alessandro. He went on to explain that this experience in venture capital really helped him as he worked to grow Humon with seed and funding rounds. “I understood the other side of the business and knew what types of investors would be interested in a product like this and what they expected from a hardware company like ours. Knowing what they want is key when going to pitch to VC’s.” Alessandro added that working with advisors or mentors can help you get this kind of information as well.

Funding wasn’t the only topic of discussion Wednesday night as talks quickly shifted to teamwork and division of responsibilities. Alessandro explained how the Humon team has worked since its inception. “You need be lucky enough to have someone who works the business side and someone who focuses on the product.” Alessandro said as he related it to his team. He stated that his cofounder wanted to focus on product leaving the business and operations side to Alessandro. This was vitally important to the success of Humon as they worked on product iterations and a clinical trials.

The night was capped with lots of audience questions and great networking with CEOs and entrepreneurs from around boston area. Check out for the latest on events and our next CEO roundtable.

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