Satin Dances

Press key and chord.
 So begin the satin dances:

Towered flesh kissed with savoury kisses,
 Atoned sins they set in sweet canapè,

Beneath the flames of Hell,
 There our intellectuals did lay,

Told prophets transgressed unto elated senses,
 Elated by choices and choicest monuments,

From the clutches of heartless eagles,
 Do the cowards throw their stones,

Blue eyes cold and still with hardened betrayal,
 How unjustly doubled are these betrayals,

Be you earnest and proud as dancing pretenders, 
 That your heels collide with kindred skulls.

Are they un-sensing men,
 There unseeing eyes,

With absent nerves and hardened exteriors,
 Whitest bones bereft of blood and clay,

Then the shadows call from the Easterly winds,
 “May you be full with the Earth! And the Earth, with you.”

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