DRAM Shortage in 2018 & How You Can Solve this

If the latest news is anything to go by, and of course they are, there will still be some issues with the DRAM in 2018. 2017 was faced with the scarcity of several components but actually, some distributors still manage to get enough for their clientele base. Among those few is Allchips and once again.

According to DRAMexchange, the supply will grow by as much as 22.5%. This is necessary to mitigate the further impact of the year-long scarcity that plagued 2017. The outgoing year has been filled with various problems and issues. Scarcity ranks atop those and only the best components distributors have been able to maintain supply for their clients. This was due to the high surge in demand against the static nature of production and supply.

Samsung Electronics is leading other manufacturers as they gear up to boost supplies of DRAM components in 2018. The previous market situation had created a party for suppliers but the party is set to be over by 2018. Samsung which holds a massive 45% market share in DRAM has put plans in place to boost production and increase the supply of DRAM at its facility in Pyeontaek, South Korea and to one or two other facilities. SK Hynix and Micron Technology are the next big makers of DRAM holding about 27% and 20% respectively. If Samsung would really increase DRAM production, then it is not arguable that both SK Hynix and Micron Technology would also increase production.

The years projected growth of around 20% is the highest since the industry recovered from the 2010 recession. These should help to ease the strain in the first quarter of 2018 but it still would not cause any significance to the reduction of DRAM prices. This price has been on the rise throughout the year 2017 due to the shortage that was initiated by the demand surge brought about by their use in so many products.

Ordinarily, this surge in price and the scarcity will still be experienced in 2018 and only the best and experienced electronic components firm will be able to properly manage the situation.

Allchips: The Supplier with a difference

While the scarcity was ravaging every part of the market, Allchips has been able to weather the storm for their customers and have been able to maintain their stock without the scarcity having much of an impact on supply and sales.

Even though the supply is bound to increase in the coming year, the scarcity and price hike trend is still likely to prevail for a long time. If these happen, Allchips will still wade through just like it has always done. The firm which partners with over 900 original manufacturers and authorized first agents will definitely find a way around this just like they have always done. So, be rest assured that Allchips will always be there for you throughout, o handle all of your needs as far as the electronic component is concerned.

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