Chapter 1: To Boldly Go…

I haven’t written much of anything over the course of several months. This is something I’d been kicking around in my head for a while. The plan is to make this a weekly diary of my adventures in No Man’s Sky. Honestly, I’d like to do more than one entry per week but considering the amount of free time I have and how slow progress is right now, we’ll keep it like this for the time being.

Full disclosure: I have never really kept a diary or journal except when forced to by teachers in school so we’ll see how it goes; however, I am excited to do this and I hope you’re looking forward to reading this. A few things to point out before I dive into what I’ve been up to in No Man’s Sky, I have been waiting to play a game like this my entire life. Childhood Star Wars fantasies of being an ace starship pilot, cruising around the galaxy, looking for adventure, these were all the things that Hello Games looked to be making possible for me when I first saw trailers for it in development. Early impressions of the game have been really positive and I am thoroughly enjoying my time inside the game. Hello Games have created a really pretty world in which to explore and for the player’s emergent narrative to take place.

My starter ship looked great but didn’t have the cargo space to continue to be useful later on.

I set out in No Man’s Sky with some very basic ideas of how I wanted to experience the game: scientist/explorer and ace pilot. I set forth some rules to help govern my interactions with the indigenous inhabitants of No Man’s Sky.

  1. Do not kill anything.
  2. The only time Rule No. 1 can be broken is in self defense.
  3. Be mindful of harvesting/mining impact on the planet (see Rule No. 1).

I started out as a survivor of a crash landing on a planet with a stiflingly hot climate called Kurobeokaz Umene. Its rocky surface was covered in exotic and large plants and pock-marked with caves and crystallized plutonium. My suit was challenged by the extreme heat (think temperatures upwards of 70ºC). I found some interesting lifeforms, mainly quadrupeds but there was one rather large 6 legged creature. It featured an armored back, bone-crested head, and a stubby tail.

For better or worse, I preordered the game and redeemed the ship bonus content to get off the planet after traversing some of the planet. I took off to find a large amount of asteroids filling the space between planets in the Nizhhenskyv XI system. I also found a space station and had my very first interaction with a Vy’keen. Mobkaufouro was a planet I only stopped in temporarily. With the limited amount of time I spent there, there wasn’t much that was remarkable about it.

I quickly left and landed on Meseongsanni. While the weather was quite average, the tax on my life support systems were high. I spent a great deal of time here further exploring and learning more about the Vy’keen. Building upon my knowledge I had already gained from my first expedition on Kurobbeokaz Umene I sought out colonial installations and ancient ruins to increase my standing with this warrior race. I discovered they’re very much at odds with the Sentinels. I even found records of a legend named Hirk that lead them in a great war against the synthetic watchmen of the Sentinels that are so prolific in No Man’s Sky. I increased my standing with the Vy’keen substantially and was soon able to refuel my warp drive.

I decided I had spent enough time in this system, finding my first signs of an Atlas marker that offered “The Path” to me. I accepted the offer from the ancient relic but decided to check out the fourth and final planet in Nizhnskkyv XI: Egathanietsluit. Much to my surprise, this planet was primarily covered by water. There were land masses with terrestrial creatures inhabiting it. My time here was frustrating because I did not have design plans to build a breathing apparatus at the time, so I was unable to do much exploring underwater. Not long after landing, I bid the world farewell and made the jump to hyperspace. I was headed to a system called Ayanyaixing.

Initially I landed on Nordoosiai Hetsk. There hasn’t been much that I have found there but I quickly learned that I was in space occupied by a completely different species known as the Gek. I have explored 3 of the planets in the system so far. Most of it spent on Uknatasmat Yuwal.

Egathanietsluit is the only planet I have found with liquid on it so far.

Uknatasmat Yuwal is shouldering in terms of climate. It is hot but I have explored a great deal of it thanks to environmental resistant upgrades to my exo-suit. The Gek’s history is quite interesting. In finding ruins that their ancient culture has left behind, I found there was a faction called the First Spawn that were hellbent on taking over the galaxy. I haven’t yet found out what happened to the First Spawn, what may or may not have stopped them or if they’re still around somewhere in the vast universe I am exploring.

Taking a break from the heat I have been exploring Kikagorio Ieha. It’s pretty cold. Regularly around -29ºC and drops down to around -68ºC at night. There are really interesting lifeforms that look like they would fit in on prehistoric Earth.

To sum up my first week in No Man’s Sky, I am totally enamored with it. It is a wonderful space to be in and the lore scattered about makes finding ancient ruins and relics quite interesting in fun. I feel like there are so many little puzzle pieces scattered about, and slowly, as a collective, we piece it together. I look forward to reporting in next week with more as my adventures continue.