Chapter 3: I’m Outchea in These Mean Breitbart Prime I Streets.

It has been a slow weak in terms of progress in No Man’s Sky. Real life pulled me away as family was in town and I wound up spending a good deal of time with them, rather than virtual creatures. I’ve spent the majority of my brief forays into No Man’s Sky on Breitbart Prime I.

For all of its toxic suckiness, Breitbart Prime I has been interesting. There have been a lot of alien ruins and monoliths to check out. I have learned more about the Gek First Spawn and yep, they’re still bloody awful. Apparently they completely enslaved the Korvax and raped the Korvax home world of its resources. This planet in particular holds many relics that chronicle the enslavement of the Korvax.

Another interesting thing about this planet is that it features some of the largest outposts and installations I have yet to find. Some outposts feature multiple buildings on some of the large plateaus dotting the surface of BPI. I broke into a manufacturing facility or two, with decent technology as I just found the recipe to create antimatter, and a Theta Life Support upgrade. While I haven’t build the Life Support upgrade, I have fully upgraded my exosuit to 48 inventory slots (and you know how much I love slots). The extra space means I can run Sigma, Tau, and Theta “Toxin Suppressors,” and it is needed because BPI lives up to its namesake. I’m regularly mining Iron ore to manufacture “Shielding Sheets,” that replenish my environment protection technology.

48 slots…mmmmmmm….

It has been raining a lot lately. I found myself singing “Acid Rain” (to the tune of Purple Rain) over the weekend as I jetpacked across the surface of the planet. When I hop into my spaceship to take refuge from the toxicity of the planet, or to travel, I love how I can hear the sound of the drops pelting the canopy and fuselage of my spaceship. As terrible as I thought this planet would be, exploring has not been a waste of time. There are good veins of Emeril and Nickel and also a decent amount of crystallized Aluminium. Can I say how great it is that it is Aluminium?

It won’t be too long until I am off to the next system but I still have a lot to do, and discover. What will the next system bring? Heck, what will the top of the next hill bring?

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