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Jun 12 · 2 min read

Today we’re expanding InVision’s presence on Medium with the release of the Design Better publication, an extension of

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For nearly 2 years we’ve been hard at work building Design Better to share the best practices for product design and development. We’ve published a library of books on core topics like design thinking, DesignOps, design systems, design sprints, design leadership, product design, and most recently on animation design. We’ve built a podcast, now on its third season, that’s featured interviews with industry influencers like David Kelley (IDEO,, Julie Zhuo (Facebook), and Jake Knapp (author of Sprint and Make Time) to name a few.

We also published detailed reports on design teams at 15 top companies sharing the secrets of their success in something we call Design Genome Reports. And recently we released a large study on design maturity called the New Design Frontier that looked at 2,200 companies around the world to identify the practices and qualities of design teams that create the most value for a business.

It’s a solid start but we want to bring you more — more practical guidance that you can put into action at your company, more stories about how others are solving problems similar to yours, and more voices of people who have wisdom to share like our colleagues Jason Santa Maria (Slate, Vox, A Book Apart), Leah Buley (Intuit, Adaptive Path, Forrester), Stephen Gates (Citi), and Mike Davidson (Twitter). We’re also excited to feature stories about the collaborators in the product design process, from engineers to product managers, and more.

That’s why we’re launching Design Better on Medium. We’re going to bring you articles that address the biggest challenges we see in the design industry at a faster pace to help you and your colleagues in design, engineering, and product do your best work.

In fact, we’ve already published two articles:

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Happy reading,

Aarron Walter

Vice President, Design Education at InVision


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