Designers’ favorite typefaces

Written by Margaret Kelsey, Content and Community Manager at InVision App

Nothing stirs up a more impassioned debate with designers than asking them to choose their favorite typeface. So this week, we forced a handful of creatives in the InVision community to make that tough decision.

And no lorem ipsum here! They’ve written their favorite word — which, for many, is a breakfast food — using their chosen typeface.

Georgia (Bold Italic)
 Submitted by Samira Khoshnood, Senior Product Designer at Evernote
 Submitted by Billy So, UX Designer at Kit and Ace
Sofia pro, black
 Submitted by Mahédine Yahia, Interaction Designer
 Submitted by JD Jones, User Experience Designer at Modus Create
Pier Sans
 Submitted by Mark Edward Demuth, Graphic Designer
FF Oxide Solid Pro
 Submitted by Kristine Le, Evernote Mobile Product Designer, Android
Brandon Grotesque
 Submitted by Julio Montás, Freelance Front-End Developer
Brandon Grotesque
 Submitted by Rachel Mitrano, Interactive Designer at Base
“Gotham is strong, bold and powerful. It was used in material created for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, which only adds to its bold character.”
 Submitted by Katie Crowell, Manager of Marketing Design
 Submitted by Napoleon Martinez, Product Designer
Gill Sans Bold
 Submitted by Ivy Mukherjee, Visual and Interface Designer
“TypeTogether typefaces are always a go-to for me.”
Bree/Bree Serif
 Submitted by Dave House, Designer at Gumtree
 Submitted by Torry Colichio, Founder and Creative Director
Frutiger Roman
 Submitted by Jahed Momand, Product Lead, Mobile at ZOOM+
Museo Sans Rounded
 Submitted by Andreia Filipa da Silva Cândido, Digital Designer
 Submitted by Sammy Schuckert, Communication Designer
Gotham Light
 Submitted by Grayson Hjaltalin, UI/UX Designer at Salesforce
Helvetica Neue Thin
 Submitted by Felipe Ramos, UI Designer
“I really love the Roboto family.”
Roboto thin
 Submitted by Roberto Pacheco, UI/UX Designer at Hint
“How can one really choose?!”
Absara Sans
 Submitted by Kerry Stephens, UX & Visual Design
 Submitted by Igor Bogdanovski, Designer at StartApps
 Submitted by Sebastian Petravic, UX/UI Designer and Front-End Developer
Submitted by Paul Kubala
 Submitted by EJ Lanz, Blogger
 Submitted by Josh Deckman, Director of Design at Speed Digital
 Submitted by Hannah Peckham, Mobile Product Designer at Evernote
 Submitted by Justin Ewert, UX Designer
Bw Stretch
 Submitted by Nicola ‘Felasquez’ Felaco, Head of Design at Musixmatch
Alice (Google Font)
 Submitted by Samantha Zhang, Designer at
Tiempos Text
 Submitted by James LaCroix, Product Designer
“I’ve been really loving slab fonts lately, and Roboto Slab is nice as it feels more natural than other grotesks.”
Roboto Slab Bold
 Submitted by Josh Dunsterville, Lead Designer at KlientBoost
 Submitted by Vince Tardy, Creative Director at Brightfind
 Submitted by Michael Ennis, Sr. UX Designer at
 Submitted by Denise Villanueva, UX Designer and Letterer
“I like British gothic types as they are never dull, stand out from the crowd and easily recognisable, have their own character.”
Priori Sans
 Submitted by Bence Csernak, User Interface and Branding Designer
Raleway Light
 Submitted by Kate Stahnke, Founder of
 Submitted by Briony Crane, Art Director at Hootsuite and Co-Founder of Goodforks
Questa Grande
 Submitted by Maria Nicholas, Executive Director of UX at Kaplan Test Prep
Janda Stylish Script
 Submitted by Catherine Lagman, Visual Designer of Product at Anaplan
“Burst My Bubble”
 Submitted by Alecsandru Grigoriu, Lead UX Designer at Grapefruit
Ostrich Sans Bold
 Submitted by Danica Altin, UI/UX Designer at
Pacifico (modified)
 Submitted by David Shackelford, Creative Director

Originally published at on November 13, 2015.