Are good margins in regards to revenue necessary for any business to sustain itself? Absolutely.

But what about the margins that aren’t usually talked about. The ones where you don’t make any profit in a monetary sense because the client’s budget was too small but you decide to help them out anyhow. You go above and beyond their expectations being sure to create as positive of a customer experience as you can. They express how happy they are with the results and in turn start championing you and your services whenever they interact socially. The next thing you know “Sally” calls you out of the blue because her friend “Vanessa” spoke highly of you at a party in regards to “X” services, multiple services at your normal rates, etc. That’s the ROI I love receiving. That’s the margin that I make for my expense and investment of time on someone who others would perceive as a waste of time.

Be patient, be positive, be kind, put in the work because you never know where it can lead.

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