Beautiful Jewelry — Great Looks for Pearls

There are few things that fit the definition of beautiful jewelry as clearly as pearls. From the simple elegance of a single strand to the bohemian look of carved Tahitian black pearls, they are a natural beauty. Yes, there was a time when pearls were considered youthful, and only for the most conservative. But today’s pearls come in a variety of styles and settings that make them the center of beautiful jewelry from every corner of the globe. Cultured or natural, freshwater or classic white — they are all truly part of a beautiful life!

The Modern Pearl

These days everyone can wear pearls and nowhere is this more obvious than when you cruise the fashion blogs on the web. Everyone is wearing pearls and not just for after work outings or special events. These days you can wear pearls with just about anything, including denim. Far from the “pearls and sweater sets” look, today’s modern pearls can be worn just as easily in a casual look as they can when dressed up.

The Single Pearl for Classic Beautiful Jewelry

Of course, modern or classic you can’t beat the look of the single pearl pendant. Unlike the harsh cold stone, a single pearl pendant has warmth that is seldom matched. This may be why it is perfect for that transition from office to party. You can wear it with your favorite business suit, and still have it look great with a silk wrap-around dress for after work drinks. Whether you love modern settings or romantic old-fashion ones, the single pendant pearl remains one of the most versatile pieces you will find in your collection of beautiful jewelry. Perhaps that is why we return to it again and again when choosing what to buy.

Pearls — The Gem of Love

When it comes to the ultimate romantic place to wear pearls, you just can’t beat your own wedding. The soft while shine of pearls on dresses, in veils or headpieces or even on gloves is a reflection of the day. We do indeed have our favorite ways for pearls to be used on this most romantic of occasions, as you can see in our Pinterest page that is all about dream weddings. Pearls are scattered everywhere, and bring a soft glow to the look of any wedding. No matter how modern we think we are, somehow there is always that little girl inside, dreaming of the perfect wedding day. And somehow, that day always includes pearls.

Going to Great Lengths for Pearls

Like so many types of beautiful jewelry that we love to wear, pearl necklaces come in many lengths and styles. The question for many is- how do I wear them and is there a rule for what goes with each style? The bottom line is, if you wear them with love you can wear these different types of pearls with anything you like. The trick is to match the shape of the necklace with the neckline of what you wear. Here are some examples:


Generally 12–13 inches long, it is elegant on long necks, beautiful with anything dressy. It takes a strong woman to get away with wearing them at the office unless the pearls are tiny.


A short strand around 14–16 inches that looks great with that simple silk chemise with your favorite suit.


I love these 17 to 19 inches long with a scooped neckline, especially when it is part of a simple cut dress.


These are very dressy feeling, generally around 25 to 36 inches long. They can make a simple sheath look very classy.


Wildly popular during the Roaring Twenties these necklaces are usually over 36 inches and still evoke a sense of glamour and a touch of wildness. High necklines and dropped waist dresses look especially great with these.

Beautiful Jewelry Rules

No doubt about it. When it comes to beautiful jewelry you still cannot touch the pearl necklace for style, grace and drama. Whatever the length whether a string of pearls, a single pendant or even in a pair of earrings, pearls are always the most treasured piece in any woman’s jewelry box.

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