As more couples decide that they want to have a smaller footprint on the planet, eco-friendly wedding plans are becoming more popular. While for some couples it may be a desire to be more “green” for others it is simply a need to present a wedding that stands out from the crowd. Whatever your reason for wanting to do an eco-friendly wedding, it doesn’t have to be all granola bars and itchy clothing. These days there are beautiful eco-friendly ways to present a wedding that is beautiful and practical. Here are some tips to help you plan yours.

Create the Right Atmosphere

To begin, you need to choose a location that is right for you and your environment. Of course, an outdoor wedding is the ideal. But if having it outdoors just isn’t possible, why not have it at an art gallery or museum? You will be supporting local art and having your wedding in a beautiful location.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

Do you know where the diamond in your ring comes from? You might want to make sure you are not purchasing a “blood diamond”. You can also ask if the gold is recycled, much of the gold in jewelry is, you know. And don’t forget the bridal jewelry, Inbal has a selection of beautiful sets for the bride.

Localize with Flowers and Caterers

This is where your community can celebrate with you. Make sure your vendors are local. This saves on gas, employs locally and you can even sometimes find green wedding planners right in your area.

The Wedding Gown

Of course the best way to be truly eco-friendly is to go the traditional route and wear your mother’s wedding gown. You can even take it to the local seamstress to be redesigned and refit. If that isn’t possible, then maybe you can check out a charity like Brides Against Breast Cancer to either buy your wedding dress or donate it after the wedding.

ReUse, ReCycle

Make sure that your wedding invitations and all your paper goods for the wedding are made from recycled paper. While most wedding photographers are digital these days, check to be sure. No need to add all those nasty chemicals to the planet when digital is around! And while you can’t use recycled flowers, you can get them local at the Farmers Market and then make sure they get composted after. Or better yet, live flowers that go home with the guests!

Eat Local and Organic

This is an obvious one but if you want a green wedding, no factory farms please! Talk to your local caterer about organic, and find out if they do vegetarian dishes. Don’t forget that plates and cutlery are always classier when they aren’t disposable. There are services that allow you to rent dishes for weddings.

Eco-friendly Wedding Final Touches

Finally, instead of fancy favors that no one really needs why not make a donation to a favorite charity? Pick an environmental organization and let each guest know that you made a donation in their name for a specific amount. Many organizations will provide the receipts that show the donation if you ask.

As you can see, planning an eco-friendly wedding is no harder than planning a traditional wedding. If you have the right ideas in mind, it can be gracious, beautiful and the perfect reflection of the green lifestyle that is so important to the two of you.

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