A short story about a bot, colors, and optimism, hopefully!

There’s a deer at the end + a movie

Every Color is a bot that tweets every hour with randomly selected colors without repeats. I’m one of its 136K followers and here’s my short story.

It started out with a simple curiosity. I wanted to explore what colors Every Color’s followers preferred, and whether there was a trend or connections between the most/less favorites. I was ready for surprises…

So I ran a little test. I extracted 250 tweeted colors data from a 10-day period in Nov 2017. And yes - it’s a fairly small data sample and yet I had hoped to detect some insights.

‘Every Color’ | 10d tweets

And so I did. I identified a clear trend. The high saturated colors, ‘neon-y’, got the least favs, while the pastel colors, with high value and low to intermediate saturation, got the most favs. 
To further prove my findings, I extracted 3,200 tweeted colors over a longer period and mapped the top 6 and lowest rated 6. Again, the same trend.

‘Every Color’ | 10d tweets, most favs

Many interesting questions arise. One, of course, is the breakdown of gender and professional occupation. Another is, do we, the followers, who favored the soothing pastels, feel optimism right now or would like to mellow out on a broader scale? In reference to this question, age, geography, and climate filters would be most valuable.

However, perhaps the fascinating question is whether such a simple bot can map real-time trends and provide insights to us all as a society - like mood barometers.

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” — Pablo Picasso

Wishing you a most optimistic 2018!

♡ to hear your thoughts. Thank you.


Here’s a beeswarm viz that shows the fav trend + the RT as clusters:

‘Every Color’ | Clustered Force Layout, RAW