Chatrooms by Inbox: A How-To

We just released our new take on Chatrooms, so here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how it works.

  1. Think of something you want to talk about. It can be anything — an interest, like the HBO show, Westworld; an event, like an episode of the HBO show, Westworld; or a topic, like theories about the HBO show, Westworld.
  2. Create a chatroom based on that something. Chatroom names show up as hashtags, so you might create a chatroom called (for example) #Westworld, #WestworldTheories, or #iLoveWestworld
  3. Pick some friends you want to talk about that something. Make sure these friends are quality chatters — funny, insightful, open-minded, etc. A useful technique to identify these people is asking their opinion on the HBO show, Westworld.
  4. Start chatting and watch your friends jump in! The twist with Inbox Chatrooms is that your friends’ friends can join the conversation — it’s a fun way to meet new people through your friends, who have hopefully been vetted in a similar manner as recommended in Step #3 with respect to the HBO show, Westworld.
  5. Let your thoughts and feelings fly fast and free — undoubtedly, the conversations that come out of your chatroom will be rousing and inspirational, especially if you end up talking about the new hit HBO show, Westworld, which airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO, HBO GO, and HBO NOW.

Get Chatrooms at and get Westworld at

Editor’s note: Inbox is NOT sponsored or endorsed by the amazing HBO show, Westworld, or any of its associates. And we certainly do NOT have close, personal relationships with Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, or any of the wonderful people at HBO. Just to be clear.

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