Don’t wait until its the norm…

A good question: if we continue as we are, how warm will the earth be in 2100?

Since we figured out how to extract natural resources we have gone for it. We have to because if “I don’t then somebody else will”. This goes for fish, coal and oil and also for other things like football tickets or tuition, the mindset is the same.

They’re not making any more oil, of course, and the race is on to get it all.

Take it all, because there’s no reason to leave it there. Make sure others don’t take it, because what they take isn’t something you can take. And when its finished, move on — to the next thing.

We’re not all like this but most of us feel that when things slow down or interferes with getting more, its nothing but a challenge to overcome.

Debt makes it worse.

It forces a farmer to ignore the water table warnings and take the last remaining water because if he doesn’t his mortgage will wipe him out. Companies are the same, this quarter’s numbers better be up, “we’re all dead in the long term” anyway.

Luckily things are changing.

Progressive companies care about and invest in the communities around them. They are building a network, creating a long-term, sustainable culture that feeds itself as it benefits the company.

But don’t relax, it’s not working properly yet. The economy is full of easily distracted people addicted to shiny shiny.

A cheaper long term.

We need to decide if we will continue to reward the short-term and promote extraction, or if we go for sustainability. This way we will make selfish short-term actions more expensive. And the long term more profitable. Guess where companies will focus if that happens?

In any event, if the numbers are correct, we cannot burn more than a third of the fossils we know of anyway. If we do, the world will warm up by more than the 2C and drown our children.

Your company can choose sustainability as a differentiator now. Don’t wait until its the norm.