We are on a mission to make this happen by empowering as many people as possible to apply insights from behavioural and social sciences as well as insights about stuck patterns and hidden barriers for inclusion and equality. We share with you why behavioural design will make a difference and how you can apply the change approach Inclusion Nudges and make it happen.

We know, it’s not that writing about inclusion, diversity, gender parity, belonging, equality, and issues like these is new. And it is not that the need for inclusion and social equality is anything new. In the midst…

Do you think you are one of the good people who do not exclude other people or great ideas because you are biased? We are sorry to have to challenge this selfperception. Good people also exclude even when their self perception is that they are open minded. Do you dare to know a bit more about yourself?

Tinna C. Nielsen, TEDx talk September 2017

Check out this TEDx talk by Tinna C. Nielsen, one of the Founders of the Inclusion Nudges non-profit change-initiative and global community.

Our next articles is about how to design Inclusion Nudges to mitigate bias in talent decisions and the TEDx talk by…

So what to do about it?

The Inclusion Nudges Guidebook with 70 examples shared by practitioners

By Tinna C. Nielsen & Lisa Kepinski (Inclusion & Diversity Specialists). Lisa and Tinna are co-founders of the global non-profit peer-to-peer initiative and community Inclusion Nudges.

From our lens, it looks like organisations around the world are addicted to quick fixes on big challenges. Now, the turn has come to unconscious bias (UB) awareness training as THE SOLUTION for fixing inequality, discrimination, and poor decision-making about talent and business.

Unconscious bias awareness training has become so hot that in the US alone it’s estimated that the annual diversity and inclusion training (including unconscious bias awareness) spending tops $8 billion. Plus…

How to more effectively engage a larger number of male leaders for gender equity

By Lisa Kepinski & Tinna C. Nielsen
Tinna is an anthropologist specialised in Inclusion & Diversity, and the founder of the non-profit Move The Elephant For Inclusiveness, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
Lisa has over 20 years’ experience in Inclusion & Diversity and is the founder of the
Inclusion Institute
Lisa & Tinna are Co-Founders of the
Inclusion Nudges Global Movement & Sharing Community and Co-Authors of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook

How often have you heard that the catalyst for a male leader to become an advocate for greater gender inclusion is because of their daughters unfortunately…

Inclusion Nudges

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