Sooo… Why Humor? Isn’t that Hard and Invites All Kinds of Criticism?

Humor Invites Criticism and That’s Why it Matters

(Even if You’re Really Good at Advertising)

Hey, this is Ross Morrison and I’m your host of “Best Worst Ideas,” the interview show (blog? future podcast?) where I examine friends’ and creators’ hilariously terrible ideas and try to help fix them.

Seriously. Do it. Tell me you want something for your brand to go viral. I dare you.

  1. PAIN. You must put the subject of the video in intense pain. That’s where comedy comes from. …

Look, it’s nearly impossible to purposefully make a video or any piece of content go viral … or is it?

1. “This (idea or concept utilizing a conventional story trope) is just like me!”

Hint: it’s the opposite of being a bulls**t artist.

1. You Gotta Come Up with Concepts

  1. Who’s Idea Was It? Nobody’s!
    My ideal/perfect brainstorm ends with the entire team excited by the ideas they came up with. When they ask each other “Who came up with this?” … they shouldn’t remember.
  2. Listen
    The shittiest thing about being a Creative Director is that you are no longer the up-and-coming hotshot (writer or designer). Yeah your ideas are good, but you have to step back and LISTEN while you develop the talent of…

We venture into a dark and ill-fated parallel dimension to find out.

Ross Morrison

Writer/Advertising Person/Gentleman Adventurer

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