A quote originating from thousands of years ago, but still spot-on today. Incorporate is changing and we want to share our new core with you. We are implementing a fresh approach in our business principles and governance, changing the way we interact with our customers, partners, employees, and the society in general. We are reassessing our influence on the environment. Not to mention that you will soon see our new brand. This is the beginning of Incorporate’s journey towards sustainability and impact entrepreneurship. We invite you to witness and encourage our transformation.

Let’s take one step at a time. To…

Life as a Digital Nomad — From Estonia to Brazil. How to Make It Happen?

Our digital nomad Kristjan Rappu shares his exciting and international story. Kristjan is our Head of Community and has been travelling around the world for the past five years of his life. The journey has taken him from Estonia to Denmark, Spain, and finally Brazil, where he’s currently situated.

Kristjan also shared experience on how to make remote work a success and what is assumes from both employees and employers. Keep on reading and you will get some good tips on how to be efficient while working remotely. …

What you need to know about financial services licenses in Estonia

The global financial services industry is in a state of rapid expansion. International trade alliances, an explosion of growth in online transactions, the development of digital currencies, and other innovations have fueled demand for more and more advanced financial services. As the world’s leading digital society, Estonia is playing a major role in that expansion. Estonian companies have access to the EU single market and the country is well-known for its limited bureaucracy and business-friendly tax policies. These characteristics make Estonia an ideal jurisdiction for incorporating a financial services business. …

Estonia is one of the most business-friendly and innovative nations in the European Union (EU). Its unique e-Residency program paired with a business-friendly tax environment makes Estonia attractive for young entrepreneurs seeking to build their fortunes. With its new digital nomad visa, the nation reaffirms its commitment to growth.

Open for today’s innovative businesses: Estonia’s digital nomad Visa program

Recognizing that businesses grow and thrive when they have access to the best and brightest members of the workforce, Estonia has taken steps to ensure that it is a welcoming place for non-citizens who wish to study, work or reside there. In today’s digital economy, individuals and businesses work across borders…

One of the most important decisions founders must make when forming a new business is the jurisdiction in which the business will be formed. Which jurisdiction’s laws and regulations will support your business goals and allow your new venture to thrive? In particular, you should consider each potential jurisdiction’s laws regarding corporate tax. In Estonia, favorable tax treatment for businesses enables new corporations the convenience and flexibility they need to launch and grow.

Estonia’s business-friendly tax environment is just one of the reasons Estonia has become the European Union jurisdiction of choice for many founders.

World-class tax policies make Estonia a leader among nations

Estonia has the most competitive…

Understanding the role of blockchain technology and accounting for crypto-assets in Estonia

Crypto-assets, including cryptocurrencies, represent a fast-growing new asset class that has drawn the attention of entrepreneurs and investors alike. But, working with these new digital assets is not without its challenges. Businesses and investors that deal with crypto-assets must understand the blockchain technology underlying these assets and the accounting principles which govern their use. The following summary, prepared by Incorporate in Estonia’s expert staff, will help you understand the regulations governing accounting for crypto-assets in Estonia.

Accounting for crypto-assets in Estonia: Recording practices for blockchain technology based instruments

Businesses engaging in financial transactions using blockchain technology based (BTB) instruments or crypto-assets in Estonia must properly account for those transactions. …

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has triggered a global crisis. The effects of the pandemic include tragic personal losses and widespread economic uncertainty. Given the current state of the world, is now the right time for you to consider company formation in Estonia? It may be.

Entrepreneurs are optimistic leaders. Many of them will find ways to meet this crisis head-on and shape the future for the better. You might be among them. …

Part I: The past and present state of FinTech and cryptocurrency exchange licensing in Europe and Estonia

In the last decade, the way in which assets are developed and managed has undergone significant change. New classes of assets have given rise to an entirely new, technology-driven finance industry: FinTech. FinTech businesses use innovative technologies to automate and increase the availability of financial services. Leading the charge into a future of digitized assets are blockchain technologies and the companies that manage them (e.g cryptocurrency exchange). These organizations develop, manage, and process transactions involving crypto-assets, the most well-known of which are cryptocurrencies.

The pace of FinTech development has been rapid. From the introduction of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency in…

At the beginning of the year, Estonia launched the new e-Notary service, a platform that enables us to carry out a set of notary services remotely using digital ID and video bridge. The new system makes it possible to provide a set of notary services remotely without visiting Estonia in person, thus removing a major hurdle for people who are unable to travel to Estonia for the notary appointment or unable to issue a valid Power of Attorney in their country of residence.

Who can use the service and what notarial deeds can be done remotely?

The e-Notary system can be used by all individuals who have been issued a digital ID of…

Estonia is ranked as one of the best places to launch and run your business according to institutions such as the World Bank and the World Economic forum. What makes a small nation with a population of 1.3 million such an attractive environment for businesses?

Below we have listed 3 major reasons why this is the case.

1. Low and competitive tax rates

One of the best ways to determine whether a country has an advantageous business environment is to look at the structure of a country’s tax code. …

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