The first e-Residency center will open in South-Korea

1. E-Residency center in South Korea

Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital ID available to anyone in the world. In December this year Estonia will start issuing digital identification to e-residents in South Korea.

The Estonian Interior Ministry, the Police and Border Guard, and the VFS South Korea Visa Application Center signed the agreement on October 20th that will permit the visa application center in Seoul to hand out e-resident’s digital ID cards.

E-residents in Asia will be able to receive their digital identification at a visa center located in the South Korean capital of Seoul. The aim of the pilot project is to make receiving the e-resident’s digital ID as comfortable as possible for people in Asia.

2. Benefits

E-Residency offers the freedom to easily start and run a global business in a trusted EU environment. E-Residents can:

  • Start a company 100% online from anywhere in the world
  • Be the full owner of your company. No local director needed
  • Continue operating your company online while traveling
  • All contracts can be signed digitally, avoiding the need for paper and travel
  • Access EU based business banking and international payment providers
  • Take full advantage of the EU Single Market and legal framework
  • Digital incorporation through trusted e-Residency service providers is low-cost, fast and convenient
  • Bureaucracy and paper based administration are eliminated, giving you more time to grow your business

3. Value Proposition

Incorporate in Estonia is committed to serving e-Residents, global entrepreneurs and freelancers. Giving our customers the best possible value at the lowest possible cost is our goal. We believe that this makes participation in international business available to everyone.

If you are e-Resident from South-Korea, you may want to consider our value proposition:

(1) a registered address and authorized contact person service for €12 per month or;

(2) an Estonian company with a bank account and accounting services for €65 per month.

We also offer 15% discount on all support services and free start-up advice.

In order to take advantage of this offer please make your order through our online platform.

Please also take a look at our best price guarantee policy published on this platform.

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