Top 5 Designing Tools you Need to Learn

What are the things that a professional of any field will keep near and dear to him?

His tools for the job.

Just like any other professional in the world, a web designer’s tools are what make him able to do wonders in his field and create pieces of amazing originality. Although there are many web design tools available to designers all over the world but some among them qualify as the best.

These are the tools which every designer should own and learn in his career.

Here in this article we mention top five web designing tools which are regarded as the most used and hence most popular among professional web designers all over the world.

1. Photoshop

One of the most popular and most used tools by web designers all over the world is Adobe Photoshop. Adobe has created this tool for both Mac and Windows operating systems giving designers a range of choice over the devices on which they want to access it. Although originally created for professional photographer to manipulate and edit pictures for a more professional look, Adobe Photoshop has now a vast array of options and tools to select from making it more useful not only to photographers but to web designers as well. Therefore it should be added to the list of “to-learn” software if you are in the making of a web designer.

2. Illustrator

Next on the list is the Illustrator which unlike Photoshop is specifically designed and built for designers and not photo editors. Illustrator works in vector images hence it is the best tool to create graphic designs, logos and much more. It is perhaps one of the most used tools by artists and graphic designers to create charts, logos, diagrams, cartoons, web designs, illustrations and much more. One may find it hard to understand Adobe Illustrator at first but once you overcome the complexity you will see how advantageous it is for you.

3. Adobe InDesign

As the name suggests, InDesign is particularly made to quench designers’ thirst by providing them with a wide range of tools and options to create their designs and illustrations. Produced by Adobe Systems, InDesign is a principal tool among graphic designers, web designers and artists to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, books and newspapers. Moreover, InDesign supports EPUB and SWF formats which allow designers to create ebooks, digital magazines, newspapers and much more.

4. Adobe AutoCAD

Primarily designed for architects, interior designers and engineers, Adobe AutoCAD is best known for its tools available to designers to create blueprints which are slowly removing the need for designers to work by hand. With the sophisticated tools available in the program, designers can create blueprints for construction with great specifications and detailing. Moreover, floor plans, 3D models and other detailed construction designs can be made with much ease with Adobe AutoCAD.

5. 3D Maya

Developed by Autodesk, 3D Maya is the world’s leading 3D animation software famous among digital designers, animators and creators for its robust line of tools such as Volume Attributes, Paint Effects Surface, Clip Matching, URI Support, File Path Handling, PySide Pythod Qt Binding, Inline Help, and much more. Removing the need to draw with hand on drawing papers with pencils, 3D Maya offers some amazing options such as grease pencil, automatic joint centring, camera sequencer, and weight distribution allowing designers to focus more on their work and be more creative.

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