Gold-plated Donald Trump iPhone 7 : Who are you making great again?

Gold plated Donald Trump iPhone 7 is the new rage in the USA. No sooner had presidential elections declared Trump winner than the country saw tremendous outrage against the man who wanted to make America great again.

But the picture is not all that gloomy for Donald Trump as Caviar has launched a gold plated Donal Trump iPhone 7 for those who blow Donald’s ‘Trump’et.

The president-elect Mr Trump has garnered enough attention during the campaigning; but it seems that he just can’t get enough of all those headlines. The company that has created gold plated iPhone 7 with Trump’s portrait on the back, had earlier created iPhone 5s with Vladimir Putin iPhone 7 in 2014.

Caviar labels the collection as ‘Supremo’ and includes ‘great men’ in this range. The company has used iPhone 7 as a base, on which they have installed the gold back panel engraving a portrait of Donald Trump. Moreover, Caviar has also kept Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. It is now left to the imagination of readers as who is going to be great.

About the price of iPhone 7, company has kept the price tag around $3082.

While you are up to buy such a costly digital piece for communication, you should be worried about its protection and security. However, you need to pay attention to the jazzy parts of this gold plated iPhone 7. After spending a hefty amount, you would certainly like to show your smartphone to your friends & colleagues.

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Caviar’s Supremo collection is an amazing marketing idea to make a better brand. Now everybody are curious to know whose face Caviar is going to engrave in the next iPhone.

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