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Learn about NumPy from scratch

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Table of Content

  1. Different Ways to Create NumPy Arrays
  2. Python List vs NumPy Arrays
  3. Attributes of NumPy Array
  4. Indexing and Slicing NumPy Array
  5. NumPy Axis in Detail
  6. Operations on NumPy Arrays.

Different Ways to Create NumPy Arrays

1. Creating NumPy arrays from a python list

  • How to create a vector from python lists?
    A vector is a one-dimensional array.
  • How to create matrices from a list of lists?

Master the map, filter, and reduce functions

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  • square=map(lambda x:x*2, num): We can pass the lambda function or user_defined function. …

What’s the difference?

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split() vs. partition()

1. split()
2. rsplit()
3. splitlines()
4. partition()
5. rpartition()
6. re.split()
7. Differences between split() and partition()
8. Conclusion
9. Resources


The math behind Linear Regression and the Python way of implementation

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Linear Regression in Python


Math Behind the Simple Linear Regression

Quick dive into Pandas

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A Comprehensive Guide to Pandas for Data Science


Table of content

  1. Pandas Series
  2. Pandas DataFrame
  3. How to create Pandas DataFrame?
  4. Understanding Pandas DataFrames
  5. Sorting Pandas DataFrames
  6. Indexing and Slicing Pandas Dataframes
  7. Subset DataFrames based on certain conditions
  8. How to fill/drop the null values?
  9. Lambda functions to modify dataframe
  10. Merge, Concatenate dataframes
  11. Grouping and aggregating

Pandas Datastructures

  1. Pandas Series
  2. Pandas DataFrame

Pandas Series

Row Vector, Column Vector, Dot Product

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Linear Algebra for Data Science

Table of Content

  1. How point is represented as a vector?
  2. Distance between point and origin
  3. Distance between two points
  4. Row Vector, Column Vector, Matrix
  5. Mathematical Operations on Vector
  6. Dot Product between two vectors
  7. Geometric Interpretation of the Dot Product

How a Point is Represented as a Vector?

It’s not that confusing

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Confusion Matrix

Table of Content

  • Classification Accuracy
  • What we need Confusion Matrix?
  • What is the Confusion Matrix?
  • Terminologies used in Confusion Matrix
  • Metrics Calculated from Confusion Matrix
    2. Recall
  • Which metric to choose precision or recall?
  • F1 Score
  • F1 Score vs Accuracy
  • Calculating metrics from the confusion matrix
  • Confusion matrix using scikit…

Using string methods and regexes in python

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Replace Occurrences of Substrings in Strings in Python

  1. str.replace()
  2. re.sub()
  3. re.subn()

1. Replace all occurrences of substring

‘Using str.replace()’

Correlation vs Covariance

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Correlation Coefficient

Topics covered in this story

  • What is the correlation?
  • Types of correlation.
  • Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient
  • What is covariance?
  • Why correlation is preferred over covariance?
  • What is the range of the correlation coefficient?
  • Interpreting Pearson's correlation coefficient.
  • How to visualize the correlation?
  • Calculating Covariance and Coefficient Correlation.
  • Correlation vs Covariance

What is Correlation?

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Data Visualization

Seaborn plots

Data Visualization Using Seaborn

Table of contents

  1. Visualizing the distribution of the dataset
  • Histogram
  • Kdeplot
  • distplot
  • jointplot
  • pairplot
  • scatterplot
  • lineplot…


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