This use of typography really stood out to me and when I realised exactly what it showed I instantly loved it. This was made by Caprozo911 on Pinterest who came up with this concept. It’s clever because when the human eye first looks at it, it looks like a really fashionable shoe, but then you realise it’s says ‘sale’ but it’s made into a shoe – which you actually were just thinking of buying. It’s simple and extremely effective.

The type of font used here is serif, it has been picked out very carefully as the designer has looked to see exactly what lettering would look the best as a shoe! It is also a modern font which connects with style of this ad. It has excellent readability which is perfect for it to be used on a poster or billboard as people will be able to see it from a distance. More people see it, more customers.

The order that the words and image have been placed on this poster has been done in a particular way for a reason. The first thing a person sees is the foot with the ‘shoe’ has it begins in the top corner and then flows down to the centre of the poster, making the person follow it. The 50% is the next thing that catches the eye- this is the main concept that the company want the person to see as this is what will ultimately encourage them to go to the sale. Which is why the ‘up to’ on the side of it is of much smaller size- as this shows the audience that actually the sale of items is mostly less than 50%, this is what the company don't want the person to see but they have to include next to the percentage so they try to make it as small and dull as possible. The person will then see the company name at the bottom — in this instance the company is not very famous and well known so this is not the main part that the company want to put out to the audience, as it is most likely that they haven't heard of the company before which is not going to encourage them to buy from there.

Also the real subtle colours used on this poster actually make it stand out even more. Most poster that are made for sales are done in bright colours with big, bold lettering and people expect that so for this poster to use simple skin tone colours and just put 50% as the main part makes people look at it more. The overall look of this advert is ‘classy’ as the simplicity of it being a foot with the shoe placed on it, the font used, the colours used and the minimal lettering brings this vibe. Overall this is one of the most effective uses of typography i have come across and actually made me want to go to this sale…

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