Indi AirDrop Extended

Hello Community,

We are highly obliged with the continuous support and participation of the Crypto Community in the Airdrop.

With the rising demand and multiple requests to extend the Airdrop to the Community which has been left out.

Indicoin discussion board has decided to Extend the on-going airdrop to accommodate the other community supporter for the greater good of the community.

However to keep the interest of the existing Airdrop Supporters will get an additional $2 Worth of Indi Tokens as a First mover Advantage (Exclusively for the First 20K Community Members)

The New campaign is close to our Vision of creating Social Awareness leading to the greater good of the Society and connecting our platform for a cause.

1 — Build a Campaign(Airdrop — $10 — $20) around a social cause and promote it amongst your circle on Indicoin’s Platform
The Campaign should evolve around a Social Cause connecting to with a social objective.

- To build campaigns Login to after creating an account. 
- Find a suitable category for your Campaign
- Upload your Social Proof of Work 
- Share it with your circle and fill the form.
2- Follow all the Social Media Marked along and Fill the form (10$)(

Like on Facebook —
Follow on Twitter —
Subscribe on Reddit —
Telegram Group — 
Instagram —
YouTube Subscription —

An Additional Airdrop of $100 to the selected lot who impress us with their Writing Skills A Big shout out to all the Content Writers/Freelance Journalists/ Bloggers to get this opportunity to write and bring a movement of change to the Society and be rewarded in the end.
Kindly DM @infoindi on Telegram and let us know your interest and previous work or if you like to refer someone just by being kind.

Have a sneak peak at our platform to understand it better -